How You Can Get A Free Krispy Kreme Donut All Summer Long

So far, the summer of 2022 has proven to offer avid fans of the warmest season plenty of fun — the pool, the fair, and a ton of deals tailored to faithful foodies. Since June, Caribou coffee has offered its MonDaymaker drink special to help everyone kick off their weeks on a high note by having the option to order a $4 extra large specialty coffee. And Red Robin chose to tackle inflation head-on from June 27 to July 31 by giving its fans a meal complete with unlimited fries and drink refills at only $10. 

While these savory and caffeinated deals have surely brought joy to many taste buds, some may still be searching for food promos that will satisfy their sweet tooth. And if you're looking for a discounted desert fix, Krispy Kreme has got you covered. The beloved brand that sells more than 50,000 servings of its donuts a day (per Insider) is now giving away its Original Glaze donuts completely free of charge (per Krispy Kreme). Getting your hands on this freebie summer deal couldn't be easier than choosing to dine on dessert for breakfast.

Krispy Kreme is making summer a treat with its free donut deal

The chain may have released its own collection of new Krispy Kreme donut-influenced ice cream treats this summer, but its free donut promo is probably going to be its most remembered sunny season offer. According to the Krispy Kreme website, customers only need to go to a Krispy Kreme location that has its Hot Light on (this means that the restaurant is currently churning out fresh donuts) to claim their free Original Glazed treat. However, there are a few limitations to this delicious deal.

Krispy Kreme noted that each customer can only savor one free donut each day. Chew Boom reported that most Krispy Kreme locations will turn on their Hot Lights at different times. However, eager donut lovers can check their Krispy Kreme app to see if a store near them's Hot Light is on so that they know whether or not it's time to claim their free donut.

The deal began on June 8 and Krispy Kreme recently took to Instagram to remind its customers that they still have the opportunity to chow down on fresh (and most importantly, free) Original Glazed donuts. Donut lovers in the comments were thankful for the heads up. One posted, "This is glorious." Another wrote, "yeah look at all that goodnesss." There is still plenty of time for donut fans to claim their free treat — this sugar-rush of a deal won't end until September 5.