Gail Simmons Just Confirmed What Top Chef 2023 Will Look Like

Bravo's "Top Chef" will be celebrating 20 seasons on air in 2023. The show has helped to propel many chefs' careers since its 1st season, according to Robb Report. Harold Dieterle, the winner of season 1, owned a number of New York City restaurants and now has a successful restaurant consulting business. Season 11 winner Nicholas Elmi has published his own cookbook and now owns multiple restaurants. And Richard Blais of season 8 hosts the cooking show "Next Level Chef" with Gordon Ramsay, in addition to having published two cookbooks.

Besides the publicity from starring on "Top Chef," the show awards chefs with money to help them in their future endeavors. According to Top Chef Stats, over the course of the show, $3,745,000 has been awarded. Non-monetary awards also include vacations, cars, books, knives, Super Bowl tickets, TV spots, and more. With the 20th season just around the corner, contestants will again gather to see who has what it takes, and judge Gail Simmons has shared some of the spicy details.

A trip across the pond

Fans of "Top Chef," it's the moment you've been waiting for. On August 1, judge Gail Simmons took to Instagram to explain just how special the season 20 celebration will be. Posted alongside a photo of her in the U.K., Simmons revealed that the next season will be filmed in London. She also let it be known that the contestants will be World All-Stars from the previous seasons. "News flash! Pack your knives, your bags, your wellies!" the "Top Chef" judge excitedly wrote. She also shared a video teaser of the season.

"We've always wanted to do a season of "Top Chef" with winners, finalists, and frontrunners, but to take that concept for the 20th season one step further with cheftestants from localized versions across the world has been a dream come true," Senior Vice President of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming Ryan Flynn said in a statement on Bravo's website. "And what better place to host World All-Stars than London, a global stomping ground and renowned food city, offering our cheftestants access to the UK's exceptional ingredients and international flavors."

Season 20 of "Top Chef" is set to premiere in early 2023.