Stephen Colbert Hilariously Exposed How Bad Inflation Is In NYC

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New York City is a notoriously expensive place to live, so when you add the worst food inflation in 40 years on top of that, residents feel the pinch. According to Bloomberg, food costs increased by 10.4% between June 2021 and today, and consumer prices overall are up 9.1%. Many New Yorkers depend on bodegas for meals and groceries, but these once affordable spots are also feeling the impact. The owner of a Bronx bodega recently had to make the heartbreaking decision to nearly double the price of its beloved bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches.

The price hikes of everyday items are also causing an increase in shoplifting reports in NYC. The owner of a Key Food Store told Pix 11 that shoplifters are boosting thousands of dollars of merchandise monthly, and it's a cause for concern. Comedian Stephen Colbert recently highlighted this historic inflation and shoplifting on his late-night talk show, particularly one item that he was shocked to see locked up (via YouTube).

'That's like an exhibit in the museum of sadness'

In perhaps a sign of the times, a photo of SPAM locked inside of a security case has caused quite a stir on Twitter. The pic even made it on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" for its unusual depiction of the inflation gripping the country. Colbert explained that due to inflation, the Duane Reade store at the Port Authority Bus Depot has locked up all of its SPAM, as well as its "disappointed father," canned ham. "Now if you're eating SPAM in the Port Authority, you've got bigger problems than inflation," said Colbert (per YouTube). The comedian hilariously added that since the canned ham was "Celebrity" brand ham, it probably starred in the movie "Babe."

CBS News reported that shoplifting was already on the rise at the onset of the pandemic, partly because people could steal things and resell them online for a profit. One Twitter user pointed out that SPAM has been under lock and key in Hawaii for years since it's such a hot commodity. One person replied with another unlikely item to be locked up, Naked Juice. We suppose that makes sense since Naked Juice and SPAM are about the same price ($3.39 and $3.99, respectively). But we have a feeling that Colbert wouldn't have been able to put together such a funny bit about the juice ... right?