Instagram Is Thrilled That A Fall Favorite Has Returned To Whole Foods

It may still be summertime but that's not stopping some of foodies' favorite brands from preparing for autumn in August. For example,the Krispy Kreme pumpkin-inspired fall menu returns early so fall fans can dream of cooler weather as they munch on a donut that tastes like fall. In the dessert world, autum lovers can bite into special edition pumpkin spice flavored Oreos starting on August 15. And now Whole Foods has also kicked off the 2022 fall season by bringing back some of its most sought-after fall products.

Of course, the grocery store chain offers plenty of items on the Whole Foods website that will surely get customers into the sweater season mood, like Dark Chocolate Caramel Apple Butter Cups and Organic Apple Ginger Cider. But only one member of its fall lineup has caused Instagram users to want to rush into its stores as soon as possible. Whole Foods revealed on Instagram that the pumpkin spice cold brew is back on its coffee bar menu and Instagrammers can't contain their excitement.

Pumpkin spice cold brew coffee is at Whole Foods

Whole Foods announced on Instagram it will be "spicing things up early this year" by posting a video of someone pouring creamer into a black cold brew coffee. Once the coffee lightened, the words "pumpkin spice is back" were revealed to be written on the cup, marking Whole Foods' official debut into this year's pumpkin spice season. 

According to the grocery retailer's post, the drink resembles the taste of a freshly baked pumpkin pie. And according to the comment section, Whole Foods customers are rejoicing over the early return of one of the grocery store's most sought-after fall products. One user wrote, "Pumpkin spice on ICE ?! How NICE." Another posted, "Thank you for this! Going there soon."

While some Whole Foods shoppers may only have eyes for the pumpkin spice cold brew, the grocery store asked if its followers preferred seasonal lattes or coffee in a Twitter poll. No matter their preferred pumpkin spice drink order, anyone who really loves the flavor may want to try pairing an autumn coffee with an equally festive pumpkin spice macaron recipe.