Why Martha Stewart's Fans Thought They Saw Her Pantless

Martha Stewart is known for all things entertaining, but she has also made her mark in the fashion industry. America's first self-made female billionaire has had an interest in clothing since she was a child, watching her mother create pieces on a Singer sewing machine (via Smithsonian Magazine). After a lot of practice, she sewed her own wedding dress and still gives sewing machines as gifts because she thinks they are "as indispensable today as a personal computer or smartphone."

According to People, Stewart's granular knowledge of how to create clothing came in handy when she was designing her own pieces for her line on QVC back in 2017. "You have to find people who care about the quality. The number of stitches per inch. I care about that stuff..." the entrepreneur told People.

The 81-year-old's personal style has been labeled "consistently classic" by HuffPost, and we agree. Stewart has had many decades to reach her incredible transformation and has been able to adjust to different styles. The celebrity chef has never been afraid to show a bit of leg, either. That being said, Stewart's fans thought she may have been showing a bit too much leg in a recent Instagram post.

Martha Stewart's pants were a bit too neutral

Martha Stewart posted a photo (above) on her Instagram of her and her publicist Susan Magrino. "I cannot believe that @susanmagrino and i are dressed for the same party here in @acadia," Stewart wrote. Although she was referring to the summery nature of her publicist's dress compared to her neutral tone outfit, Instagram was a bit taken aback by the post for a surprising reason — her tight-fitting beige pants.

"Lord Martha at first glance I thought you didn't have any pants on," commented one viewer and another exclaimed, "Lol I was like ok girl party on! Let it all hang out!" Other commenters echoed this fan's sentiment with statements like "me too and I thought what great legs but she needs a tan." 

Despite the possible pants scandal, many fans shared that Martha's legs looked great. "Check out Martha's legs! (fire emoji)" and "Martha's got great gams" were some compliments fans gave. Even if the Domestic Goddess wasn't wearing pants, it most likely wouldn't turn into an embarrassing storyline for the chic entertainer, rather, we imagine that Gen Z would probably turn it into a new fashion trend on social media — like that time Martha shared her big beauty secret on TikTok.