Martha Stewart Shares Her 'Biggest Beauty Secret' In Hilarious TikTok

Martha Stewart is pretty much the O.G. of domestic divas and lifestyle gurus. She's been paving the way in the world of celebrity chefs and home designers for several decades, making food and home both look amazing and effortless in the same breath. These characteristics make her the perfect partner for luxury beauty brand Clé de Peau as they become the latest to join social media platform, TikTok. According to Allure, the 80-years-young media mogul is partnering up with the cosmetic powerhouse, with Stewart to be featured in five of the brand's videos in order to help Clé de Peau gain their TikTok footing while the rest of us benefit by soaking up some of Stewart's biggest beauty secrets.

The first video that's been released uses a backdrop featuring Stewart's magical thirst trap photo from 2020 with the maven next to her Hamptons pool, and it has netted more than 2.5 million views already as the cookbook author shares her best selfie tips. In a caption-filled video, Stewart quips, "So, you want the tea on how I create my perfect selfies?" Ummm ... yes, please. The answer is simple. Stewart says you just need to "project fabulous." And she goes on to share, "Being effortless is key. Only conceal where needed," as she applies lip gloss and shows how to perfectly pucker. Duly noted. Now the social media maven has us chatting up a storm again with her second video as she hilariously reveals her "biggest beauty secret."

Martha Stewart 'knows cake' - both baked goods and makeup

What's Martha Stewart's biggest beauty secret? We thought it was what she drinks every morning (green juice), but as it turns out, it is Clé de Peau's concealer, which doesn't cake, because — as the goddess notes in this second video – she "knows cake!" In what can be described as a hilarious mashup montage of Stewart (who's clad in a silky, burnt orange blouse), she's seen posing, making finger hearts, and wagging her booty for the camera, and shares that she "loves the radiance" this concealer provides for her complexion. But, is it the concealer or just Stewart's personality that is projecting all the fabulousness?

TikTok followers clearly love Stewart's sassy antics — to date, more than 93,000 people have viewed the latest video, and many fans can't help but share their thoughts. One TikToker wrote, "I love baddie Martha." While another said, "I am living for how sassy these TikToks are." And still another wrote in all caps, "MARTHA UNDERSTANDS THE ASSIGNMENT BABY!!!!" It has us wondering if Snoop Dogg will make a cameo in one of the remaining three videos. Allure shared that each one was shot in Stewart's home, giving us a peek inside her pool house bathroom, kitchen, greenhouse, and cookbook library. 

The magazine also found out that Stewart likes to get caught up in watching the recommended "For You" TikToks. As she told the publication, "It's [about] education. I call it EduTok instead of TikTok." Hey TikTok, are you listening to Martha Stewart? It might be time for a re-brand. After all, she knows everything.