Jet's Pizza Popular Menu Items Ranked Worst To Best

Jet's Pizza opened its first store in 1978 in Michigan. Today, Jet's Pizza is a national pizza chain. Those Great Lakes-inspired flavors are now accessible across the country: Jet's Pizza operates around 400 locations across 19 different states (via RestaurantNews). 

You may know that Jet's Pizza uses a family recipe pizza sauce, plays opera music for its cheese-making cows, and covers each thick, square crust in that Detroit-style cheese layer (making it similar to, yet distinct from, Chicago-style pizza).

Jet's Pizza has an extensive, exciting menu. Detroit-style pies are its specialty. We've carried out some online research and discovered a few basic truths about the chain. Some sides are not worth getting at all. Some pizzas are acceptable but not amazing. 

Some sides are extremely versatile and well-reviewed. In terms of pizzas, the classic flavors are the best. A simple slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza is heaven. Since there's so much indulgence in the very base of these pies, it's best to keep things simple in terms of toppings. Jet's Pizza has a lot to offer, which gives you so much more to explore!

13. Boneless Chicken

The Boneless Chicken from Jet's Pizza is a side option that gives customers a handful of boneless chicken nuggets. Customers can choose between different flavors: Honey BBQ, plain, BBQ, mild, hot, or sweet red chili. Whichever flavor you pick will coat your order of boneless chicken pieces. For additional customization, you can also choose the bake level, which determines how crispy your wings will be: Simply choose between regular and well-done. 

Jet's Pizza also offers a few different dipping sauces. Ranch and blue cheese are perfect for accompanying boneless chicken; however, you can also choose between garlic butter sauce, a red pizza sauce, or Italian dressing for additional dipping options.

All of these customizations are fun, but we don't recommend the Boneless Chicken. If you're looking for some protein from Jet's Pizza, we would stick to the wings. Just take one Zomato user's word for it: "Avoid boneless wings-yuck. They are a pressed chicken byproduct nugget...C'mon Jets I expect more!" 

No matter where you get them, boneless chicken dishes tend to be far less natural than chicken wings. That's because they contain artificial ingredient additions, such as potentially dangerous sodium phosphate, which is used to help the meat retain moisture. This makes the Boneless Chicken a little less appealing.

12. Cinnamon Stix

Jet's Pizza offers a few desserts, and the Cinnamon Stix are among these options. However, you can skip this menu option. Overall, Jet's desserts are unimpressive, and the same goes for the Cinnamon Stix. Just don't bother with these. They tend to be bland, starchy, and unsatisfying.

The Cinnamon Stix sold at Jet's Pizza are made from the same dough that's used to create the chain's pizza. The cooks at Jet's Pizza simply take the Detroit-style deep-dish dough and then fashion it into a dessert using butter, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla icing. Eventually, the dessert is cut into short strips, creating the "stix" that the dessert is named for.

There's at least one reviewer on Yelp who is a fan of the Cinnamon Stix. One user wrote, "It's sweet and filling, reminiscent of glazed cinnamon rolls." We don't believe them. The shape of the Cinnamon Stix is nothing like cinnamon rolls. There are plenty of desserts involving cinnamon sugar and icing, but that doesn't mean there's a strong connection between rolls and stix.

Another Jet's Pizza customer had an experience that had a more predictable, understandable experience: According to a Tripadvisor user, "The cinnamon sticks were terrible ... They were hard, crunchy, and burnt."

11. Super Special

The Super Special pizza is made with heaping quantities of vegetables and meat. It has several toppings of pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. Underneath those toppings, this pizza has a layer of pizza sauce and mozzarella. The deep-dish, Detroit-style pizza base that we know and love holds it all together. While this may be a popular choice, it's not really one that we recommend.  

The Pizza Lads blog reviewed the Super Special pizza. The lads were satisfied with the amount of cheese, crunchy crust, and seasoned pepperoni in this pizza. However, they were disappointed by the quality of the vegetable toppings as they felt that these lacked freshness. This is a common issue for vegetable pizzas sold by national fast food pizza chains.

For obvious reasons, chains like Jet's Pizza often focus on keeping processed meats (like pepperoni) fresher than toppings like mushrooms. Because of this disappointing trend, we think it's best to avoid pizzas with a lot of vegetable toppings, such as the Super Special at Jet's Pizza.

10. Eugene Supreme

The Eugene Supreme is another pizza that includes vegetable toppings, sometimes to its detriment. This pie is topped with Italian sausage, green peppers, and mild peppers. Although it technically has a larger vegetable-to-meat ratio than the Super Special, we think the Eugene Supreme is better.

It appears to be slightly more popular based on online reviews: Multiple users celebrate this pizza on Restaurant Guru. One user wrote, "The deep-dish pizza is a crowd pleaser EVERY TIME, and the Eugene Supreme is quite possibly the best delivery pizza you can get out there." Another user on the website said, "It's all about the Eugene Supreme, extra large! Great crust, nice deep-dish pizza with deliciously cooked veggies. Been on the hunt for a great deep-dish pizza establishment and this fits the bill!"

The Eugene Supreme also seems to be slightly more creative than the Super Special due to its use of mild peppers. While this type of pepper is a somewhat common pizza topping, it's still relatively unusual for a fast food chain. Still, the vegetable toppings provided by Jet's Pizza are subpar. We think different pizzas (such as those involving only meat) are superior to this type of deep-dish pizza.

9. BBQ Chicken

The BBQ Chicken Pizza from Jet's Pizza is slightly worse than the Buffalo Ranch Chicken pizza. The toppings include grilled chicken, bacon, and red onions. This pie also contains a mild BBQ sauce.  Although it avoids the use of ranch (which is nice), this means that the pie only contains one sauce. We think that something as cheesy and savory as this BBQ Chicken Pizza needs an acidic sauce to balance out the dish.

Online, the reviews for the BBQ Chicken Pizza from Jet's are positive. One Tripadvisor reviewer wrote, "My family loves Jets pizza. Their deep dish pizzas are fantastic. We've tried many different pizzas from them and absolutely love the BBQ chicken pizza." Another Tripadvisor poster shared, "We get a pickup from here at least once a month. My fav is the square BBQ chicken pizza! It is finger licking-lip smacking good!"

 Yet another positive online review commented, "I'm so glad I tried this place when it opened by my house ... BBQ chicken pizza, chicken parmesan pizza are my faves," (via Zomato). We hear this praise, but we still don't think this is the best chicken pizza on Jet's menu.

8. Buffalo Ranch Chicken

The Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza is one of Jet's Pizza's hits. It is topped with grilled chicken, bacon, red onions, ranch, and buffalo sauce. It's easy to enjoy this pizza, especially because it steers clear of any vegetables that may be less fresh. Meat gives the pizza an additional hearty and savory flavor component. But neither of these aspects is the best part of the Buffalo Ranch Chicken pie.

The two sauces featured in this pizza tie everything together with added flavor. The ranch and buffalo sauce (this pizza does not contain the red sauce, according to Jet's) add a layer of moisture that is sometimes needed to balance the starchiness of deep-dish pizza. If the pizza didn't contain these two sauces, we'd recommend keeping a dipping sauce around.

The Pizza Lads blog loved the toppings on this pizza. According to the lads, the Detroit-style deep-dish base is great as always, but the Buffalo Ranch Chicken toppings are almost as good as the base. The meats and red onions complement one another quite well. The Lads think that the sauces go with every component of the pizza. 

This pie from Jet's Pizza is great for people who like sweet-and-savory combinations. It's also a wonderful option for people who want an indulgent meal. Our only critique is the replacement of red sauce with ranch. We think having two sauces is great, but swapping ranch for pizza sauce takes it a little too far.

7. Triple Cheese Turbo Stix

The Triple Cheese Turbo Stix are a great side option from Jet's Pizza. According to the chain, these consist of "Detroit-style dough freshly baked with premium mozzarella & cheddar, topped with butter, garlic & Romano." These Stix are offered with your choice of dipping sauce; ranch, blue cheese, butter garlic, or pizza sauce flavors are all available. 

As you may have guessed from this description, the Triple Cheese Turbo Stix are similar to the Cinnamon Stix. Both use (what seems like) pizza dough to create a different food item. Turning pizza dough into dessert requires more effort while making breadsticks out of pizza dough is relatively easy. Perhaps due to this reason, the Turbo Stix are more successful than their sweet counterpart. Hence, the Triple Cheese Turbo Stix are a worthy addition to your Jet's Pizza order.

According to a review by Coral Spring Talk, the Triple Cheese Turbo Stix go above and beyond. The website complimented the Stix's chewy-yet-crisp edges, which is exactly what we all love about the Detroit-style pizza products to begin with.

This cheese bread side is successful. If you're looking for another serving of bread with your meal, these Stix will not disappoint. However, we still don't think it's necessary to get something a side like this with your pizza order. Pizza should be the first priority when ordering from Jet's Pizza. 

6. Jet's Bread

Jet's Bread is the simplified version of the Triple Cheese Turbo Stix sold by Jet's Pizza. The main ingredients, such as pizza dough, mozzarella, plus a topping of butter, garlic, and Romano cheese, are the same. However, the Turbo Stix contain cheddar cheese, whereas Jet's Bread does not. Since it doesn't contain that extra element of cheese, this side is less indulgent. While we don't recommend getting an extra side of bread with your already bready pizza dinner, Jet's Bread is definitely superior to the Turbo Stix. reviewed Jet's Bread favorably, calling it a wonderful beginning to the meal. On Tripadvisor, several more people took the time to compliment Jet's Bread. "I could have made a meal out of the Jets bread alone with the thick crust and pizza sauce. It was yummy," said one customer

A third person said, "Really enjoyed the pizza and Jet's bread...Will definitely order again." All of these users visited different locations of Jet's Pizza, which goes to show the consistency of the quality of this item across different Jet's Pizza locations. 

As one person pointed out, eating Jet's Bread with sauce alone could count as a meal. However, while we think Jet's Bread works well as a side, we still don't believe it's the best side sold by Jet's Pizza. 

5. Jet's Wings

Jet's Wings are easily the best side you can get at Jet's Pizza. Like the Boneless Chicken from Jet's Pizza, the menu offers a few customizable aspects. When ordering, customers can choose between various sauces for the flavoring of the wings: BBQ, plain, honey BBQ, mild, hot, or sweet red chili. 

Then, you are directed to choose how cooked and crispy you'd like your wings to be: You can opt for regular or well done. As you can probably tell, there are a lot of similarities with the Boneless Chicken side. 

However, we, and the customers of Jet's Pizza, conclude the wings are superior: On Restaurant Guru, the praise for Jet's Wings goes on and on. "Ordered a deep-dish and some wings...the wings were crispy and saucy!" said one customer. Another poster on the site wrote, "Tasty pizza and wings!" 

"I love their pizza, wings, everything," wrote yet another fan of Jet's Wings. Between Jet's Wings and the Boneless Chicken, the wings are the clear winner. Additionally, the Jet's Wings are even better than the bread sides because they add some variety to your already starchy pizza meal. 

4. Cheese Slice

The Cheese Slice from Jet's Pizza, like the Pepperoni Slice, gives customers a slightly larger serving. This piece of pie is bigger than Jet's 4 Corner Pizza or 8 Corner Pizza. It's a good option for individuals on the go. It might be messy. You'll probably have to sit down to eat it. But this is something you can easily pick up, sit down, and devour: No cooking involved.

The Cheese Slice is a definite improvement from previous menu items from Jet's Pizza: It allows the indulgent elements of the deep-dish pizza to shine, unhindered by excess toppings. However, we do think one topping (pepperoni) improves things. Those small, red cups of meaty flavor are the perfect pairing with red pizza sauce, visually but also in terms of taste. The Cheese Slice will probably make you miss pepperoni. 

One blogger on EatThisNY liked the Cheese Slice from Jet's Pizza: They said that the almost excessive amount of cheese was balanced out by the acidic red sauce. Additionally, according to this reviewer, the burnt, cheesy ends of the slice were authentic enough, but the pizza still tasted like fast food. Because this slice is, indeed, fast food from a national chain, we will let this one slide. Still, this Cheese Slice is definitely worth trying. 

3. Pepperoni Slice

The best items you can get from Jet's Pizza are rudimentary. That's why items like a simple Pepperoni Slice are among the best that Jet's Pizza has to offer. This pie is a simple dish made from the basics: It consists of mozzarella, pepperoni, and pizza sauce. All these ingredients go on top of delicious, thick pizza dough.

A simple top layer of pepperoni is all that's needed to bring everything together. Additionally, the individual slices sold by Jet's are larger than those found in the whole pies, which makes this menu option so much better. If you're looking for a quick bite for one person, definitely go with the pepperoni.

According to fans, the Pepperoni Slice is a reliable choice. One post on Tripadvisor reads, "If you can't eat a whole pizza they will be happy to sell you a couple of slices of pepperoni ... The price point is good for what you get and everything is fresh."  

A person who ordered a few pepperoni slices said, "The pizza had a great flavor and took just a few seconds to heat it in the oven." We agree with these pleased customers. If you're not buying for a group and you enjoy pepperoni, then this is the best option for you.

2. 4 Corner Pizza

The 4 Corner Pizza from Jet's can be customized. Patrons choose between various crust flavors like butter, garlic, cajun, sesame seed, Romano, or turbo crust. You can also choose a bake level. By choosing between light, regular, or well-done bake levels, customers determine how crisp (or soft) their pizza will be. But even without all of these customizations, this menu offering is excellent.

The item consists of four corner slices of Detroit-style pizza, which means that half the edges of every slice are decorated with those crispy, burnt cheese edges. This is the best part of ordering from Jer's Pizza. 

If you're going to a Detroit-style restaurant, then this iconic crust is absolutely unmissable. As all experienced pie eaters know, getting a corner slice is the best way to enjoy the crust, and the fact that this pizza contains four corner slices makes the whole deal even better. 

We only have one critique: This menu item is meant for one person. One Tripadvisor reviewer who ordered the 4 Corner Pizza from Jet's Pizza writes,  "From time to time after a long day of travel or work I order pizza to my hotel room ... it was a good night." 

This item is far more substantial than the individual Cheese or Pepperoni Slices, so it's great for devouring on your own. However, sharing a meal with someone is usually more fun, especially if that meal comes with double the corners. 

1. The 8 Corner Pizza

The 8 Corner Pizza is the best menu item at Jet's Pizza. It essentially consists of two 4 Corner Pizzas baked next to one another. This pizza gives you the crust flavors, the bake customizations, and the exposure to the Detroit-style cheesy crusts. It also gives you enough food to feed two (or more) people. The best part of this dish is that it can be enjoyed with others. 

Customers agree that the 8 Corner Pizza is top-shelf. Blogger Belly of the Pig was delighted by this meal. They called this pie buttery, cheesy, and ingenious in its inclusion of eight corner slices. Customers who bought the 8 Corner Pizza on Seamless showered it with compliments: One person wrote, "It was perfect! Always get the 8 corner!" 

Another customer said, "My new favorite pizza. Got here on time and still hot!" Additionally,  Detroit natives seem to appreciate this menu offering the most. "I can have a slice of home here at home ... get the 8 corner variety," said one Yelp poster. 

Another Yelp user wrote, "I'm a Michigan native so when I heard about a Jets opening up, I grabbed my coworker who also is from Michigan and we ordered pizza ... Of course, we only got the 8 corner pizzas (literally a crime if you don't)." If the locals recommend it so highly, it must be authentic.