Yes, Planters Is Really Selling Mullet Wigs

You generally buy peanuts because you need them for your Instant Pot kung pao chicken recipe, not because you need a wig. But in a summer of major merch drops, Planters Peanuts would not be left behind. Camp McDonald's has been bringing the summer fun all month long, for example, and Little Caesar's Pizza dropped a festive collection of swim apparel and accessories including pepperoni pizza-patterned pool slides and swim trunks. The choice Planters has made for its merch is as bold as the flavor of the Sweet & Spicy peanuts that come with it. Maybe too bold, depending on your sartorial preferences.

Love it or hate it, the mullet is a bold hairstyle. The hairstyle was popularized for women by Miley Cyrus last summer and was more broadly put on the map by her dad Billy Ray Cyrus back in the day (via Cosmopolitan). Don't forget about Rihanna's mullet, which turned heads back in February 2021 (via The Cut). And now, the style combining business and party is making another comeback. Well, maybe. At the very least, you can get one as a free prize when you purchase a package of Planters Sweet & Spicy peanuts as part of a collaboration with singer Oliver Tree. According to Dexerto, the singer has replaced his iconic bowl cut with a mullet of his own. Tree himself already sells a wig of his classic brown bowl cut, but this new wig is only available as a limited release (via PR Newswire).

Free mullet with purchase

You can get this Oliver Tree-inspired mullet wig "for the price of peanuts," as Planters puts it. The wig itself can only be purchased from for the literal price of a 16-ounce package of Planters Sweet & Spicy Peanuts, or "swicy," as they're trying to get people to call it. In an interview with Dexerto, singer and co-collaborator Oliver Tree calls the style (which is a replica of his own hair style) the "bullet," a marriage between a bowl cut and a mullet. The bullet theme is also in keeping with his Cowboy Tears One Last Ride Tour, which is currently planned to be the singer's retirement tour. He states that part of the reason he wanted to develop the wig with Planters was to let fans take home a little piece of "the kind of culture I'm trying to create but also for them to create their own culture around that."

The wig is marketed as a "DIY wig" and comes with two packs of styling products so would-be wig-wearers can decide if they want their hairstyle to be sweet or spicy. It's really more customizable than DIY, but boy is it customizable. The kits also include color, so just there's no need to stick to the white-blonde hue the wig comes in. Sales open on the website at 12 p.m. on Friday, August 12. While growing a mullet could win you a year's worth of free beer from Natural Light, it's unclear if simply donning this "swicy" wig could, no matter how much you customize it.