Doritos Hinted At A New Flavor And Twitter Had Some Guesses

Wandering down the potato chip aisle of a grocery store can be an overwhelming experience, especially for indecisive folks. With so many tasty options to choose between, how do you pick just one? When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a big bag of Doritos.

In general, it's hard to eat just one chip (except if you are Jennifer Aniston, who eats a single potato chip when stressed), but this is especially true of Doritos. According to the The New York Times, these salty yellow chips have been carefully engineered to be compulsively edible. The inventors of the original Nacho Cheese flavored chips planned every detail of this snack down to the tee, from the high quality Romano cheese to the flour-ground dust that completely coats each chip.

While the OG Nacho Cheese flavor is a classic for a reason, over 100 other varieties have been invented since (via Taste of Home). Frito-Lay has rolled out new flavors like Poppin' Jalapeño and Screamin' Sriacha — but it won't stop there. The Texas-based brand recently announced on Twitter that it would have a "new product dropping soon." Rather than tell fans what flavor to expect, the tweet included a cryptic hint, which had the comments section flooding with some pretty interesting guesses as to what this new creation could be.

Dorito fans would be curious to see a Doritos-inspired frozen treat

The Doritos Twitter page dropped a three-part hint about a soon-to-be-released flavor, and let's just say, it's a tough one to decipher. The tweet included a picture of a blank blue bag with three different emojis: a potato, a red triangle, and a shivering emoji trapped inside an ice cube. In theory, combining all three emojis together will give you the answer to this mysterious chip riddle, which the brand asked its followers to solve.

Twitter users chimed in with their best guesses as to what this new flavor could be. Some thought it could be a mashup of Cool Ranch Doritos and Lays, but this product was already released in May of 2021. Others offered up "red chili pepper Doritos," "ice mint Doritos," and even something called "Cool Ranch Potatoritos" as ideas. Are they onto something? We'll just have to see.

Other Twitter users, of course, just used the comments section to poke fun at the puzzling clue left by the brand. "Who could dream we would get Doritos ice cream," one user commented. Another jokingly wrote, "Frozen potato triangles. Nailed it." While we doubt that the new product is "Nacho Potato Popsicles," like @CollieronTV suspected they would be, who knows what the chip manufacturer has up its sleeves? Doritos just launched two classic condiment-like flavors, so clearly the brand isn't afraid to keep things unusual and unexpected.