Aldi Has The Perfect Flavors For Frappe And Latte Fans

Coffee comes in a slew of varieties. Some people enjoy black coffee while others are more indulgent with their choices, opting for a sweet Frappuccino. The first Frappuccino was invented in the summer of 1992 by an employee at a Massachusetts coffee shop, Coffee Connection (via Today)."The key to the Frappuccino that we created was getting it balanced so that the texture did not have any crystallization. It [needs to be] very smooth, sort of like a soft ice cream, but different," said George Howell, the former owner of Coffee Connection.

Another popular coffee beverage is the latte, which is typically just espresso blended with milk. Europeans began mixing these ingredients as early as the 17th century, according to Taylors of Harrogate,  though the first official espresso machine wasn't invented until 1884 (via Smithsonian Magazine). Both beverages are popular in their own right, which was made evident when an Instagram post emerged showcasing brand new mixes from Aldi.

3 new exciting flavors

On August 9, 2022, Instagram user @aldiforpresident posted a few new Aldi finds on the social media site. "The frozen bean frappe mix in java chip, mocha latte, or sea salt caramel for $4.99," the post read. The primary photo was of a box containing enough coffee mix to make three beverages made with Arabica coffee, while the slide of posts featured nutrition information and a photo of all three flavor options.

One commenter had already tried all the flavors, proclaiming "Frozen bean is the best." Another was super excited for one flavor in particular. "Um ...what? I need to try the sea salt caramel," they wrote. One Instagrammer weighed the pros and cons of the product. "Tastes great, hard to mix. I had high hopes. I[t] says to blend with ice for cold or mix with hot liquid. It didn't mix well with cold almond milk, had to get out the blender anyway," the comment read.

Whether you're a fan of frappes or lattes, this product could be the choice for you.