The Famous Chefs Twitter Really Wants To See Battle It Out

Whether or not they admit it, all celebrity chefs are in competition with each other in one way or another. Even though they have distinct personalities, accolades, and cooking styles, fans love to compare them and theorize about who would beat who in a head-to-head battle. People especially love to compare chefs to Bobby Flay, who is always on some form of competition show on Food Network. If you've ever watched "Beat Bobby Flay," it seems like the celebrity chef wins a majority of the battles, but he clarified on "The Drew Barrymore Show" that he loses around 65% to 70% of the time. It's easy to root against him for people who want the underdog to come out on top.

While it's fun to root for an underdog, it would also be great to see him battle it out against someone of similar celebrity chef status, like Gordon Ramsay. The pair has been teasing a cook-off since 2013 (via Twitter), and it has still not happened yet. If we do ever get a Flay vs. Ramsay cookoff, fans on Twitter want to take it to another level and throw a couple of other heavy hitters in the mix.

A cook-off between Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, and Michael Symon would be epic

There has been so much hype building around a culinary battle between Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay over the years that the tickets might sell out faster than celebrity boxing matches. Add in Robert Irvine and Michael Symon and you have the culinary equivalent of the Super Bowl. "Lmao ... that [would] be a fun one for charity .. cage match style .. I'd take it easy on bobby and Robert .. but would love a piece of Gordon," Symon responded to the fan on Twitter who suggested the battle.

The "BBQ Brawl" host would certainly take it easy on Flay, because one rule of their friendship is that they do not compete against each other in the kitchen, only on the golf course (via Food Network). Although it is not as well-published as Ramsay's feud with Jamie Oliver, Robert Irvine has thrown jabs at the "Hell's Kitchen" star, referring to Ramsay's show as "made up drama" (via Twitter).

With all of their history, the meeting of these four culinary titans would be epic, and fans on Twitter agree. "Just to hear ramsay and flay off the mic would be epic. U certainly can hang with that trio. Let's get it done," one fan replied to Symon on Twitter. "I'd totally pay," said another fan.