The Ridiculous Order Dunkin' Workers Were Literally Crying Over

Part of working in the fast food industry, it would seem, is dealing with some pretty wild orders. You know, a Starbucks customer's nearly impossible order of 132 cups of coffee with a deadline of 15 minutes, a McDonald's order of 6,400 items that took four hours to complete, an absurdly large Uber Eats order that totaled around $575, that sort of thing.

The sad reality is that these orders occur at just about every fast food restaurant you can think of. Wendy's, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, and even Dunkin'. It's one thing to place an order in advance, giving restaurants time to put the order together, but unfortunately, a lot of these big orders take employees entirely by surprise.

One Dunkin' location struggled even with an advance order for a group of customers when the order added up to nearly $700 of food and coffee. Can we even blame the employees for getting stressed out? 

Reddit does not envy these Dunkin' employees

Reddit's collective jaw dropped when a Dunkin' employee dropped a photo of an order totaling $678.91. The order included several coffees, six dozen assorted donuts, and several dozen assorted breakfast sandwiches and wraps. The photo caption? "Good thing I'm not working."

Needless to say, other Redditors were stunned by the size of this order. One person wrote, "I wanted to cry when people ordered three boxes of joe and donuts, this would make me close the store for the rest of the day." Several others commented that they would cry or "have a nervous breakdown" if they had to fulfill an order like that.

Another person was concerned that the order was sprung on the employees without warning, but the original poster assured that the order had been placed a week in advance. Someone else wondered if the food was for a trip, to which the original poster replied that the order was actually for a party. Strange, sure, but there ain't no party like a Dunkin' donuts party.