Dunkin' Has The Perfect Response To Early Fall Drink Complaints

When August arrives and the prospect of fall comes with it, people tend to have two different types of responses to the impending change. Either they're getting ready to jump into autumn like a pile of leaves, or they're being dragged away from the prospect of soaking up the last days of summer sun. This divide became even clearer when brands started announcing that fall themed favorites were becoming available this month on social media, and there were just as many excited fall lovers as there were bitter summer fans in the comment sections.

When one Instagrammer discovered that Costco would be selling fall rugs, some people on the app were less than pleased by the post highlighting the autumn-themed decor's early debut. One user wrote, "already with the fall stuff!!" And after Dunkin' let the world know it was back in business for pumpkin spice season on social media, the chain was met with similar criticism. One user even posted, "Rushing fall is so dumb nobody wants this yet." However, the beloved coffee company didn't take the negative comments on its fall drinks coming back early lying down.

Dunkin' wants the haters to know fall drinks are perfect for summer

The people who voiced their disappointment over Dunkin's fall drinks returning before the start of autumn clearly didn't know what brand they were dealing with. After all, this is the same chain that took on Wendy's in a Twitter war. Now, after Dunkin' took to Twitter again to diss those who were complaining about it already launching its fall products, the naysayers may wish they had just kept their mouths shut.

Dunkin' logically explained that fall drinks couldn't be too early for summer by writing, ​​"them: it's still summer, me: *sips pumpkin* ya that's why this is iced." Considering that the tweet earned more than 1,000 likes, fans of the chain's pumpkin spice lattes seemed to think the response was the absolute best comeback. However, while this was the most recent of Dunkin's efforts to defend sipping on fall drinks in August, it's not the first. Having already made a post on Instagram stating it's never too early for pumpkin spice season, the brand has seemingly been in an all out crusade to make sure that fall lovers can savor a pumpkin cold brew at the beach in peace. 

So, if you were thinking about scoring another autumnal favorite — like Red Robin's pumpkin and spice and everything nice milkshake — even though it's not September yet, don't worry, Dunkin' has your back.