Instagram Is Freaking Out About Crumbl Cookies' Fall Flavor

The most delicious way to track the changing of the seasons is by eagerly awaiting the arrival of new menu items on at our favorite restaurants. For a long time, the official start of fall for some foodies has been whenever Starbucks brings back its Pumpkin Spice Latte which was first sold to customers in 2003, according to CBSNews. These days, restaurant chains from IHOP to Dunkin', and even local coffee shops and bakeries, usher in the cooler months with a selection of seasonal options.

Enter Crumbl Cookies. This chain of cookie bakeries has built a rotating menu into its business model, with flavors rotating on a weekly basis, and new flavors being added frequently (via Crumbl Cookies). Fans on Instagram called the chain's summer lineup the best one yet, but they might change their minds when they hear what the brand has planned for the week straddling the end of August and beginning of September.

Crumbl Cookies welcomes pumpkin back

Crumbl Cookies announced its cookie line-up for August 29 — September 3 on Instagram. The chain of bakeries is offering six flavors, including a mystery cookie, but the flavor that's getting everyone on Instagram in a tizzy is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. It's described as "a soft pumpkin spice cookie packed with tasty semi-sweet chocolate chips." 

Instagrammers seemed to love the menu as a whole. "This lineup is amazing!" raved one, while another said, "holy nuggets this is the best lineup yet." But, the seasonal flavor got a lot of special love. "Omg I've been dying to try pumpkin chocolate chip," said one. This isn't the only pumpkin flavored cookie Crumbl has offered. It has also served up Caramel Pumpkin (via Instagram), Pumpkin Cake (via Modern Crumb), Pumpkin Pie (via YouTube), and Pumpkin Roll (via YouTube). Something tells us that even if customers miss this week's Crumbl Cookies lineup, they'll have a chance to try another pumpkin cookie variety at the chain this fall.