Reddit Is In Shambles Over Wendy's Frosty Size Change

Hard to define, Wendy's Frostys are a sweet treat of a genre of their own. A unique ice-cream-like beverage, Frosty's, are so delicious due to the way they're made, which among other rules, includes a specific temperature and lots of sugar. Served with a spoon, a vanilla or chocolate Frosty might as well be a Wendy's unofficial dipping sauce as the salty fries and Frosty pair unexpectedly well, according to science.

Chocolate and vanilla have long been the two flavor options when it comes to Frosty's, but in good and bad news for Frosty lovers, there's a new third flavor. Wendy's unveiled the latest flavor this summer, adding strawberry to the menu. However, that means letting go of a classic, as Wendy's removed the vanilla Frosty from their menu to make space for the strawberry (via Thrillist). The change of flavors is not the only recent Frosty change, and customers have noticed that their favorite Wendy's dessert has gotten smaller.

Redditors say that size matters

A Redditor took to the r/Wendys subreddit with a picture of their large Frosty asking, "did Wendy's change their Large size this year? I could've sworn last year, I purchased a Frosty that was at least one-third more than this." The Frosty, pictured above, is shorter than the spoon it comes with. 

Other Redditors share that they've also noticed smaller ice cream treats from the fast-food joint. One commented that they ordered a medium last week and it was smaller than they expected. A few commenters responded that the original large Frosty size used to be 20 ounces and is now 19 ounces. We can't say if Wendy's has officially confirmed whether or not the large Frosty has gone down an ounce. However, in a 2017 Tweet, the official Wendy's Twitter account confirmed that the large Frosty was 20 ounces.

One commenter simply stated that the smaller size of the Frosty's is due to shrinkflation. A real possibility, shrinkflation has particularly hit restaurants specializing in affordable foods like hamburgers (vis NBC News). Even grocery stores like Aldi have Redditors noticing its shrinkflation and you might also find your favorite bags of chips containing considerably more air.