This Might Be When 7-Eleven's Thanksgiving Turkey Sub Will Return In 2022

While Thanksgiving may conjure up images of delectable gravy and golden turkey cooked by a loving family member, not every American will find themselves biting into homemade dinner on the fourth Thursday in November. Instead, many people across the U.S. might plan to participate in one of the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner hacks: grabbing a pre-prepared feast. With so many restaurants and stores swooping in every year with seasonal deals, anyone who wants to do this will be spoiled for choice.

Cracker Barrel, for example, served up a Thanksgiving selection complete with pecan pie in 2021, and Denny's had a turkey dinner that came with a side of cranberry sauce. But last year, 7-Eleven also earned a place in the Thanksgiving food hall of fame. The chain's Thanksgiving turkey sub — made with Butterball turkey, white cheddar cheese, and cranberry-infused mayonnaise piled into a "stuffing-flavored roll" — became a new option for an unconventional dinner centerpiece or a fast lunch to celebrate turkey season with.

But when jingle bells started sounding and the sub disappeared after its seasonal run, many 7-Eleven goers were left without the turkey treat. As Thanksgiving nears once again, turkey lovers may be wondering when the limited-time sub will finally return from out-of-season jail. After careful deliberation, we at Mashed are here to provide you with an educated guess.

7-Eleven's Thanksgiving turkey sub may be coming back early this year

Our method of predicting when the 7-Eleven Thanksgiving turkey sub will return involves three parts. The first is judging the most common time companies begin releasing Turkey season-themed products. And it seems that although brands like Oreo have taken to putting its long-awaited fall cookie flavor on shelves during the summer (and just as many companies appear to launch Christmas items in October, per Forbes), Thanksgiving-themed products are probably the only seasonal treats released near their holiday. For example, Krispy Kreme launched Turkey Day donuts on November 8 last year.

Secondly, we will be taking a look at when 7-Eleven officially started selling its turkey sub in 2021. According to the company's press release, the product made its way to customers on Friday, November 12. However, the last factor we're calculating is perhaps the most important: The chain released its pumpkin spice coffee drinks earlier than ever this year on August 5. Although we sincerely doubt that the Thanksgiving turkey sub will be released before November, given its popularity based on YouTube and Reddit reviews, as well as 7-Eleven appearing to be eager to get its seasonal menu items to fans ASAP, we believe that the 7-Eleven turkey sub could be back in stores as soon as Friday, November 4. Still, we'll just have to wait and see if the convenience chain surprises customers yet again with an extra early release date.