Instagram Is Tearing Up Over Ree Drummond's Birthday Tribute To Her Daughter

A lot changed during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that's true for Ree Drummond as well. When people went into lockdown, production for the "The Pioneer Woman," which has been on air since 2011, abruptly halted (via The Pioneer Woman). But that didn't stop Drummond — the TV personality had an idea for a new way forward. "My Mom texted us and was like, 'Can you guys help me film the show?" Alex, Drummond's oldest child, explained in an episode of #AskAlex.

The rest, as they say it, is history. What started off as a means to an end has slowly turned into the new normal. "I think it's fun! I think my Mom is just a lot more natural and it's very goofy," Alex said. Paige, the second eldest Drummond child said that the family members "all work very well together." As an added bonus, viewers of the show have gotten to know Drummond's kids by getting behind-the-scenes glimpses of life on the Oklahoma ranch. Viewers are now almost as invested in The Pioneer Woman's kids as they are in her recipes. From the Drummond family Easter pic to the huge milestone Ree Drummond's daughter just reached, the internet can't get enough of the family life updates. Most recently, The Pioneer Woman posted a birthday tribute to one of her daughters that melted her Instagram fans' hearts. 

Ree Drummond paid tribute to her late mother-in-law in Paige's birthday post

Ree Drummond took to Instagram to wish her daughter Paige the happiest of birthdays."Paige. My beautiful, mighty Paige. These photos show a few of her many facets. Working girl, cowgirl, horse lover, graduate, daughter, sister, friend. But to me, she'll always be the girl in that very last pic," The Pioneer Woman captioned the Instagram post. The collection of photos shows Paige Drummond through the ages, with the last photo documenting the second eldest Drummond child as a baby girl.

Other users gushed over the heartwarming post in the comments section. One user wrote, "These pictures!!! So beautiful inside and out. Love our Paige," while another commented, "Stop growing up!" One user said what we all were thinking, "Y'all did good." Paige also commented on her mother's post, writing, "Love you so much mom!! thank goodness I'm tall or I'd still have those legs," jokingly referencing her baby photo.

In Paige's birthday post, The Pioneer Woman also paid tribute to her late mother-in-law. Nan Drummond passed away in May 2018 at 74-years-old, after fighting a cancer battle, as noted by The Daily Mail. "Nan was holding her in that photo, and I think about how proud she'd be of her granddaughter today ... and how much of Nan Paige carries with her," Drummond wrote in her caption, referencing the photo of Paige being held as a baby. Okay, we're all sobbing now.