The Queen's Hilariously Savage Response To An Unconventional Salad

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In many ways, royals live a life wholly different from those of the subjects they govern. But in some ways, they're just like everyone else. And one thing that unites everyone is the need for food. Although Queen Elizabeth II of England's life was full of stately meals, there was at least one time she was served something unworthy of the crown. And Her Royal Highness didn't hold back in her response to the unfortunate experience.

According to CNN, Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 after serving as England's head of state for seven decades, making her the longest-tenured monarch of Britain. Throughout her life at Buckingham Palace, she expressed many of her dining opinions, including how she preferred her meat, her favorite cocktail, and the only way she would have sandwiches.

In similar fashion, she once made her opinion about a particular salad known in a poignant way.

Queen Elizabeth takes a slug at a salad

Per the Daily Mail, an excerpt from Charles Oliver's 2019 book "Dinner at Buckingham Palace" recounts the time Queen Elizabeth II found an unexpected traveler in a salad she was served. The surprising "ingredient" was a slug nestled among the greens. (The book doesn't denote whether the slug was alive — merely that Her Majesty used it to send a message to the kitchen.)

The book goes on to say that Queen Elizabeth placed the slug on a piece of paper, writing, "I found this in the salad — could you eat it?" The note was then sent to the kitchen.

Slugs certainly weren't the surprising ingredient in Queen Elizabeth's favorite dessert, and she wasn't a fan of them in her salads, either. For the kitchen staff that day, though, this incident could be one of the most interesting memories of Britain's longest-reigning monarch.