Amanda Bellucco-Chatham

Photo of Amanda Bellucco-Chatham
Nazareth College Of Rochester
Culinary Technique, Regional Dishes And Drinks, Food And Grocery Trends
  • Amanda has an affinity for exploring regional cuisine and culinary culture. She plans entire trips around food.
  • Coming from a long line of brilliant cooks, she has a prized collection of hand-written Ukrainian and Italian family recipes passed down over 100 years.
  • Her signature dish is homemade pierogi.


In 2009, Amanda leveraged an art school education into a photography business, where food quickly took center stage as an area of special interest. For over a decade, she worked with local chefs, food brands, restaurants, farms, and ad agencies, offering both professional food photography and styling. At the same time, Amanda also leveraged her skillset into another professional interest — writing. Writing about food photography (and photography in general) opened the doors to other editorial avenues. Today, Amanda has over a decade of experience in the editorial space and six years of experience in the culinary niche, having written, edited, and managed food blogs for various brands. She currently works full-time as an editor and content strategist.


Amanda received her bachelor's degree in studio art and photography from Nazareth College of Rochester.
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