Beth Chen

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San Diego, CA
Brooks Institute Of Photography
Whole Food Recipes, Clean Living, Photography
  • Beth has worked in photography for 20 years, first as a photography assistant, next as a representative for celebrity photographers at a stock photo agency and finally as a photographer herself.
  • She had been blogging about whole food recipes (specifically AIP and Paleo recipes) as well as clean living since 2016.
  • Beth and her recipes have been featured in cookbooks, podcasts and publications.


Beth's combined passion for food and experience in photography make her an ideal recipe contributor. Her work has been featured in publications such as, Buzzfeed, Camilla Styles, Domino, Chris Kresser, Apartment Therapy, and more.


Beth has a bachelor's degree in commercial advertising photography from Brooks Institute of Photography in sunny Santa Barbara California. She graduated with honors.
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