David Lanzafame

Chicago, Illinois
Columbia College
St. Xavier University
Food, Entertainment & Media, Pop Culture
  • David Lanzafame is an avid researcher and a relentless fact-checker. He puts in the time and effort to source all of his info before he even begins writing the first line of his articles.
  • He zeroes in on the most interesting aspects about a subject. Employing a "Gee Whiz! I didn't know that!" method to his writing, David puts education and clarity first as he creates content that is not only interesting, but also informative, and potentially actionable.
  • He also uses the right amount of personality in his work to create a balanced, fun, and engaging read. He avoids writing copy that can be overly-detailed to the point of dryness, and "personality pieces," that can be more fluff than useful. David takes the best of both worlds to create nuanced, unique, and thought-provoking content.


David Lanzafame brings well over 10 years of cumulative experience to Mashed. Even before he knew he wanted to make a career in journalism, David was already freelance writing for local news publications. He's continued his career either freelancing or working as a full-time staff writer for both local and online news outlets such as 22nd Century Media, Shaw Media, Cleaning and Maintenance Management, and Third Coast Review. Of his greater accomplishments, he was a contributing researcher and editor for the book, "Last Words of the Executed," by Robert K. Elder. Currently, he freelances for Mashed and regularly contributes to UberFacts. More than anything, David maintains a level of professional courtesy, transparency, and openness among his peers. His time in Columbia instilled in him the value of steady, consistent improvement.


David brings with him a Master's Degree in Journalism from Columbia College, Illinois. Under the tutelage of his professors, each themselves accomplished reporters and writers, David honed his skills in information gathering, fact-checking, copywriting, and proofreading.
Stories By David Lanzafame