Rachael Green

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Atlanta, Georgia
University Of California, Riverside
Food, Travel, Mental Health
  • Rachael has been a freelance writer and digital nomad for almost a decade, with articles appearing in VeryWell Mind, Travel and Leisure, and more.
  • She loves experimenting with new techniques and ingredients in the kitchen, but knows that the secret is almost always butter.
  • Her top priority when traveling is finding the essential local restaurants and coffeeshops.


Rachael is a writer with a passion for exploring, whether that's food, places, or ideas. Currently based in Atlanta, she has hopped from city to city over the past decade, with stints living in Lund, Vienna, and New York, but she's still a Californian at heart. In that time, she's written about travel, food, mental health, and more for a variety of outlets. When she isn't on the road, she's in her kitchen attempting to recreate meals from her favorite books or master the art of the perfect cappuccino.


Rachael studied English and Anthropology at the University of California, Riverside.
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