Robyn Goodwyn

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Houston, Texas
University Of Houston
Food History, Restaurants, Culinary Arts
  • Robyn's goal as a food writer is to cover topics spanning from food culture to memorable restaurants, innovative chefs, and more.
  • She aims to shed light on unknown restaurants, interesting food facts, and unique history takes on restaurants, food on grocery shelves, and more that you didn't know about.
  • One of her running goals in life is to visit every single mom-and-pop run diner in America.


Robyn's editorial expertise lies in her ability to write in a voice that's inviting, meaningful, empathetic, and at times, witty and humorous. Through her writing, Robyn combines her personal experiences, cultural influences, and gastronomic explorations to celebrate how food continues to shape our understanding of the world, people, and communities around us.


With a Bachelors of Arts in Art and a minor in English and Creative Writing, Robyn combines her love for artistic expression with her passion for culinary experiences. While her professional background doesn't focus on food, Robyn's personal journey through countless kitchen experiments, culinary explorations, and food-centered gatherings has shaped her deep appreciation for the transformative power of food. Her writing reflects her unique blend of creativity, personal experiences, and genuine enthusiasm for all things delicious.
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