Chrissy Teigen Was Not Impressed With The Emmys Snacks

Over the past couple of years, Chrissy Teigen has shared plenty of delicious-looking food on social media. She impressed Instagram with her decorated Valentine's Day cookies and made a meatloaf Wellington that was also a hit online. But her latest food post (which isn't her own cooking!) isn't quite as appealing.

At this year's Emmy awards, Teigen tweeted a photo of her husband and singer John Legend holding a box of snacks. The cardboard box includes dried apricots, nuts, chocolate-covered pretzels, and more, but none of it looks super appetizing. Plus, it's definitely not a full meal. Teigen playfully captioned the photo "oh I'm gonna need more than this lol," and that sentiment definitely resonated with her fans.

People also shared Teigen's thoughts on this year's snacks and reported that last year's food options were similar. Also according to People, Sarah Paulson posted an Instagram video showing off the 2021 Emmys snack boxes with "stinky meat" and "Cheese that's so orange it looks like a carrot."

Here's how Twitter responded to Teigen's Emmys snack review

Fans are often thrilled to get a behind-the-scenes look at a celebrity's life, but it looks like people were in agreement with Chrissy Teigen's assessment of the Emmys snack box. One person suggested bringing more food and commented on Teigen's post saying, "Gotta shove some snacks in your clutch for the pre-game." You might expect that a celebrity-filled event would have extravagant catering, but one person said that everyday work events had higher quality food and wrote, "And plastic bottled water? Yikes. I've been to work training sessions that are better catered."

Although John Legend is smiling in the photo that Teigen posted on Twitter, one fan speculated he may have shared Teigen's thoughts on the food. Twitter user @meg_mercury commented, "John's face says the same."

Other Twitter users also had thoughts on Legend, but some were focused on what he could do to grab the right amount of food for Teigen. For example, one person wrote, "If you're anything like my wife, John is going to have to find snacks elsewhere ... lol." And as Romper points out, she's been very straightforward about her desire to nosh. While Teigen never shared whether she bought food somewhere else after the show or asked her husband to get her a bite, we do know that Legend has made a batch of Teigen's mouthwatering cake, so there may have been some tasty food back at home!