John Legend Made A Big Batch Of These 'Mouthwatering' Chrissy Teigen Cakes

We all know that John Legend knows his way around the kitchen just as well as he knows his way around a tune. Legend has got cooking skills and he isn't afraid to show them off. Even his wife, supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, is starting to appreciate Legend's approach to some of her favorite dishes, including his version of mac and cheese. "I still like my creamy version better," Teigen shared on her website, "but I am coming around to Johnny's casserole-style Mac 'n Cheese, which doesn't require you to make a separate sauce and may (aren't I kind?) just sit a little better on a buffet."

Well, Legend is at it again. Teigen's Instagram account Cravings recently shared a photo of the singer-songwriter hard at work in the kitchen making Teigen's recipe for Tres Leches Strawberry Cakes, and 13.5k likes and counting later, we're still salivating over this sweet treat.

Grocey store inspired

The Instagram photo of Legend garnishing plates of the cake with strawberries was captioned with, "So good, you'll want tres helpings! @johnlegend recently whipped up @chrissyteigen's mouthwatering Tres Leches Strawberry Cakes, so of course, we're sharing the love." We're so happy they are, because it's just the sweet goodness we all need as we prep for Valentine's Day. The post also notes that we can find the recipe in Teigen's newest cookbook, "Cravings: All Together."

On her Cravings site, Teigen reveals that these Tres Leches Strawberry Cakes are actually inspired by those "grocery store eight packs of uber-moist yellow cake with the little divot in the center" ready to hold loads of "strawberry goo." Teigen hasn't been able to find them, so she came up with her own version and Instagram is definitely loving that her hubby is making them.

One follower wrote, "We're quarantined and have lots of strawberries. I know what I'm making tonight!" While another shared, "We made this recipe and it was life changing . Sooo delicious." However, others were ready to give Legend a little advice. One IGer offered this critique: "Looks delish and I'd love to see you up your plate game with some handmade pottery!" Still another fan was digging Legend's clothes, asking where he got his shirt. But seriously, that's a lot of plates, and it has us wondering, who is Legend making all those cakes for? Asking for a hungry friend.