NBA All-Star Chris Paul Has Partnered With Gopuff For An Exclusive Snack Line

It may not be front-page news, but let it be known that it's been an exciting season for professional basketball players in the food and beverage world. In August, Ruffles made history with its new chip flavor by partnering with WNBA star A'ja Wilson, whose Smoky Barbecue Ridge Twists not only added a new texture and shape to the brand's roster but also marked Ruffles' first collaboration with a female athlete.

Earlier in September, Philadelphia 76ers mainstay James Harden launched his own wine collection, following the lead of Carmelo Anthony's June wine company launch and French player Tony Parker's April partnership with a wine entrepreneur. And while he has yet to get his face on a box of Oreos, Giannis Antetokounmpo has been vocal about his obsession with "milk's favorite cookie." 

The latest development in the world of NBA-snack partnerships comes courtesy of NBA All-Star and indoor farming investor Chris Paul and Gopuff, who have teamed up for a new line of plant-based snacks available exclusively on the Gopuff app (per Business Wire).

Good Eat'n comes in 7 plant-based flavors

The food delivery company Gopuff has teamed up with All-Star Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul for a line of plant-based snacks that are only available through the Gopuff app on iOS or Android (per Business Wire). Dubbed Good Eat'n, the line's flavors include Hot Hot Puffs, Nacho Cheeze Tortilla Chips, Big Dill Ranch Tortilla Chips, Carolina Style BBQ Popcorn, and Classic BBQ Porkless Rinds, plus sweeter options like Cinnamon Sugar Mini Donut Puffs and Cookies N Creme Popcorn. In a statement, Paul said he was excited to make plant-based snacks "easily available with flavors that appeal to the masses." 

While he admits to the occasional pang for fried chicken and pulled pork, Paul told GQ that he's been eating a plant-based diet since 2019. "When I first went plant-based, it was for performance purposes," he said, "but once I saw how my body changed and how I felt — it was for life." He also shared with The Beet his belief that his plant-based lifestyle has "literally been a cheat code" on the court and that it's essentially the key to his success.