Instagram Is In Tears Over GBBO's Prue Leith Chewbacca

Although Season 13 of "Great British Bake Off" was initially going to be postponed after Queen Elizabeth II's death, the premiere of the new season debuted on September 13 as originally scheduled. If you haven't caught the first episode yet, you're in for a treat that's out of this world.

To kick off the new season, there was an introduction skit inspired by the Star Wars franchise. The "Great British Bake Off" has shared the show's opening on its Twitter account, and the hosts and judges all play Star Wars-type characters. Matt Lucas plays Luke Pie-walker, Noel Fielding is Princess Layer Cake, and Paul Hollywood is Darth Baker. But based on Instagram's reaction to Prue Leith's Prue-bacca, it's safe to say that Leith stole the show.

On its Instagram account, the "Great British Bake Off" shared a short clip of Leith growling and doing her own impression of Chewbacca, and everyone loved her playfulness and commitment to the part. Here's to hoping there are more moments like this in the coming episodes!

Here's what Instagram thought about Prue Leith's Chewbacca impression

The comments section of the "Great British Bake Off's" Instagram post is full of the laughing emoji with joyful tears, and people are raving about how much they love the show and cracking Star Wars jokes. If you adore watching the "Great British Bake Off," you might relate to the person who commented, "Highlight of the year really – love that it's back."

Leith absolutely committed to the bit as Chewbacca, and one person took note and said, "I can imagine Prue standing in front of the mirror and practicing the roar." The roar certainly does sound like it's been practiced and it commands your attention. Other people had some Star Wars puns and references of their own. For example, one person cleverly said, "'Pruey' for short," referring to Chewbacca's nickname, Chewy. Another person combined the Star Wars and baking themes and wrote, "May the fork be with you."

While we don't know if Leith came up with the Chewbacca noise herself or the producers suggested it, the sound has definitely been appreciated by fans. One person said, "Hats off to whoever talked Prue into doing that!"

Want to see more baked goods inspired by Star Wars? Duff Goldman's favorite celebrity clients include George Lucas, and Goldman ended up making a life-sized R2-D2 cake for him.