These Are The Aldi Fall Items We Can't Wait To Try

There's no denying that Aldi is one of the most popular grocery stores around. From the coin-retrieved grocery carts to the bag-your-own grocery table, it makes for a generally stress-free and quirky shopping experience. There are some complications, though. Often, it feels as if, every time you find an Aldi diamond-in-the-rough, it's already disappeared, never to be seen again the next time you return.

Searching for the newest and hottest Aldi finds can turn a quick grocery trip into a hours-long adventure that doesn't stop until every Aldi near you has been metaphorically ripped apart. And when fall favorites come back into Aldi's rotation, the stakes are even higher, as you'll want to get items before they're gone. 

Since August, Aldi has been teasing some of its new and potentially iconic fall products on Twitter, from pumpkin spice-scented candles to apple and pumpkin-infused culinary indulgences. It may not be easy to track down some of these highly festive Aldi products but we can help by revealing some of the hottest fall items to look for on your next visit.

Sundae Shoppe Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cinnamon ice cream

Ice cream is one of those foods that tastes delicious in almost any flavor, from classics like vanilla and chocolate to savory varieties that combine dinner and dessert in one bite. Meanwhile, it seems like people cannot get enough of pumpkin-spiced everything, whether it's coffee, pastries, or other goodies. Considering all that, it's not surprising that Aldi has released two varieties of ice cream that are perfect for some autumnal ice cream sandwiches: pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon.

Last year, a different pumpkin spice ice cream debuted in the fall, but Aldi didn't release the apple spice flavor until 2022. At $1.99 for a pint, either flavor presents an economically-friendly and delicious alternative to that artisan pint of ice cream hiding in your freezer (via Hunker). 

This isn't all talk though, as we can confirm that it is indeed wonderful. The pumpkin flavor encapsulates all that we love about the fall season, as it's full of warming spices with a not-too-sweet finish. The apple cinnamon flavor is equally as scrumptious with bites of apple nestled inside, creating a frozen alternative to the classic apple pie à la mode. Each would be great Thanksgiving desserts served alongside pie or sandwiched between two soft molasses cookies for a twist on a classic ice cream sandwich.

Bake Shop Apple Cider Donuts

The best part about going apple picking are the apple cider donuts waiting at the end of the laborious experience. They're especially tasty when served hot alongside coffee, apple cider, or a hot toddy for the adults. All told, apple cider donuts are the perfect fall-flavored baked good — no sprinkles required. 

So, it's not shocking that Aldi's fan-favorite Bake Shop Apple Cider Donuts have returned for another season. It was awarded the best seasonal fall item in Aldi's 2020 Fan Favorites survey alongside other popular items like Clancy's kettle chips and Specially Selected brioche buns.

There's a reason why they are so popular. One Redditor declared that they liked the Aldi apple cider donuts even better than the version offered at Dunkin', despite others finding the baked goods to be hit or miss, depending on the package. Aldi Reviewer compared them to the apple donuts offered at Trader Joe's, but ultimately gave the edge to Aldi. Not only were they cheaper than the Trader Joe's version, but then winning donuts had more apple flavor that didn't get lost in the cinnamon-sugar topping. Paired with Aldi's fall-inspired ice creams or whipped cream, these could be a delicious autumn treat.

Friendly Farms fall-flavored whipped cream

Whipped cream can double as both a topping but also, on those more luxe occasions, as a separate food group. It's hard to resist indulging in a spritz of whipped cream as a late night snack, especially when flavored renditions like these exist in the world. Aldi's fall whipped creams are no exception, being the perfect toppers for desserts, not to mention delicious by themselves. Of course, there is a classic pumpkin spice flavor for all the do-it-yourself pumpkin spice latte enthusiasts. However, Aldi isn't stopping there, at the grocery chain is also mixing it up with a maple vanilla flavor. That last one simply screams pancakes in bed on a fall Sunday morning.

The pairing options are potentially limitless with these fall-infused whipped creams. Not only would they make great toppers for coffee, milkshakes, and hot chocolates, but we think they would also taste great with yogurt parfaits, pancakes, waffles, pie, or other baked goods. For a creamy fall cocktail, add your choice of pumpkin or maple whipped cream into the mix and shake over ice to make a decadent martini that will transport you to a boozy pumpkin patch.

Wicked Grove Caramel Apple Hard Cider

In a world full of hoppy beers, fruity sours, and spiked seltzers, there is still a time and a place where it's nice just to sit down and sip on a hard cider. It's not only a great option for the gluten-intolerant imbibers out there, but it's also generally a light and not-too-alcoholic beverage for those who loved apple juice growing up. With that in mind, know that one of Aldi's alcohol brands, Wicked Grove Cidery, offers apple and pear ciders in flavors like green apple, elderflower, very berry, cinnamon, rosé, and cranberry (via UNTAPPD).

With around 10,000 check-ins on UNTAPPD and a 3.5 average rating, the original crisp apple flavor has 90 points on Tastings. Aldi's newest fall cider flavor, Wicked Grove Caramel Apple, is nothing short of a candy-coated boozy delight. With rich notes of tart apple and sweet sticky caramel, this hard cider would pair well with an Aldi apple cider donut, a slice of apple pie, or even a spicy dish for a perfectly contrasted flavor journey.

Three Mills Pumpkin Spice Mulled Wine

Mulled wine, a combination of warmed red wine and spices, is one of the drinks that gets us right into the holiday spirit, alongside eggnog and pumpkin spice lattes. Mulled wine dates back to ancient Greece, gained popularity during the Middle Ages, and eventually became associated with the holiday season in the 1800s, thanks to Charles Dickens seasonal favorite, "A Christmas Carol" (via VinePair).

Mulled wine also has some interesting potential health benefits, according to Bustle, such as when it was used to alleviate depression and seasonal illnesses in the 19th century. Mulling spices like allspice, cinnamon, and ginger may also help reduce inflammation and even lower the risks of developing cardiovascular disease. 

Even if mulled wine isn't strictly healthy, it's definitely delicious and comes in a wide range of flavors and styles. Aldi's mulled wine, Three Mills, offers heart-warming and festive flavors like mulled winter punch, spiced winter berry, and gingerbread mulled wine.We think Aldi's newest pumpkin spice mulled wine is the best way to enjoy the holiday festivities. Served warm in a kitschy holiday mug, it would taste great alongside some sharp, nutty cheddar or gouda, a pecan pie, or even a selection of Halloween candy.

Benton's Apple Cider Donut Crème Cookies

The truth is that flavored Oreos can be a hit or a miss. There are some varieties, like red velvet and mint, that live on in our fond memories. But others, like candy corn and lemon, can stay in the past. However, we can't forget about the now-discontinued apple cider donut Oreos, which were a perfect mixture of America's favorite cookie and fall's favorite dessert. However, you don't have to yearn for this long lost cookie. instead, its memory lives on in Aldi's Oreo dupe, Benton's Apple Cider Donut Crème Cookies. What's more, at less than $3 a pack, this is an affordable way to get your bite-sized apple donut fix (per Hunker).

Aldi's Benton's cookie brand carries a wide range of popular cookie dupes, including the Girl Scouts-adjacent caramel coconut cookies and peanut butter fudge cookies. However, its apple cider sandwich cookie stands out as the treat that serves some serious autumn cheer. According to Aldi Reviewer, this cookie sandwich is a fall classic that comes second only to the equally delicious Benton's Maple Leaf Sandwich Crémes.

Simply Nature fall coconut clusters

After snacking on apple cider donut cookies and pumpkin spice bread, your body may crave something like a piece of real fruit — only, maybe you want something that's a bit tastier than real fruit. That's where Simply Nature Apple Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice Coconut Clusters come into play. The regular coconut clusters with pumpkin and chia seeds are already delicious with just the right amount of sweetness; we think that the soothing apple and pumpkin spices only make them better (via a la aldi).

In August, Aldi announced on Twitter that these coconut clusters were being added to its fall lineup. Not only do these snacks have well-rounded ingredients made from whole foods like dried coconut and pepitas, but they are gluten-free with low added sugar for a sweet and satisfying snack. They may be one of Aldi's more expensive snacks at around $7 a bag but it's worth it, knowing that you aren't sacrificing on quality (per Guilty Eats).

State of Brewing Pumpkin Pie Hard Cider

A warm or cold hard cider is a must for the cool fall days. But do you ever get bored of apple-flavored hard cider and crave something truly new? Don't look any further, since Aldi now offers pumpkin pie hard cider from State of Brewing. It has all of those beloved warming pumpkin spice flavors that, while it may not be as decadent as a pumpkin spice latte, is definitely on the right track.

Despite its seemingly perfect existence, this cider has only 2.5 stars on UNTAPPD with around 700 check-ins. Most of the reviews rate it highly at three stars or higher but many one-star reviews found that it didn't have enough spice compared to the other cider counterparts. At least a six-pack won't break the bank. It may not be the most versatile of alcoholic drinks on offer at Aldi, but it can pair uniquely with sweet brunch food and Thanksgiving desserts in addition to funky cheeses and other creamy dishes.

Berryhill Pumpkin Butter and Salted Caramel Apple Spread

Aside from picking pumpkins straight from the patch, there's nothing better than picking up that first seasonal jar of pumpkin butter. Lest you get confused, this the furthest thing from butter that you can imagine. Instead, pumpkin butter is essentially concentrated and sweetened pumpkin puree, just like how apple butter is a potent form of applesauce. Aside from what you might discover in your local Trader Joe's, autumnal jams and butters can be hard to find at your local grocery. Thankfully, Aldi is here to save the day with its selection of fall-inspired spreads.

Not only does Aldi offer pumpkin butter and salted caramel apple spread, but it also has a savory and organic maple butter. There is no end to all the flavor possibilities and pairings here, as all would make wonderful additions to a charcuterie board. They could also shine in or on baked goods like muffins or French toast. You can also take a savory approach and add maple butter to roasted veggies or mashed sweet potatoes, or incorporate pumpkin butter into a fruity glaze for a Thanksgiving roast.

Southern Grove fall trail mixes

The best part about trail mix is all the goodies nestled inside that aren't nuts. Sure, it's nice to snack on a handful of peanuts but where's the fun in that? The whole point of trail mix is to get that mix of healthy food and candy in each bite, balancing each other out on the health and wellness scale. Aldi's trail mix brand, Southern Grove, is full of interesting and flavorful candy bites with a few peanuts and cashews as well. Similarly, Aldi's fall trail mix flavors are the perfect snack to help you avoid a pumpkin spice-fueled sugar crash while still getting your snack on.

Not shockingly, Aldi offer a pumpkin spice trail mix, which consists of a blend of pumpkin-seasoned peanuts, cinnamon cookie squares, pepitas, and yogurt-covered raisins. Then, there's the caramel apple curveball with a mixture of caramel apple-flavored candy cups and almonds, yogurt-covered raisins, and cinnamon cookie squares. Last but not least, the peanut butter chocolate trail mix comes with peanut butter gems, yummy chow, peanut butter and chocolate chips, and tiny peanut butter cups. At under $4 a bag, you can afford to try all three, including these Aldi snickerdoodle-spiced almonds (via Instagram).

Specially Selected Pumpkin Cheesecake Drizzled Caramel Corn

There's something about caramel corn that's out of this world. Of course, popcorn is a perfectly delicious and savory snack, but its sweetened counterpart is a texturally-pleasing and delicious dessert. In that everything but the kitchen sink sort of spirit, Aldi's Specially Selected Pumpkin Cheesecake Drizzled Caramel Corn has made a sweet return this fall for the ultimate caramel corn takeover.

There's a lot going on with this candied corn but we are here for all of it. It combines the best of every fall dessert from sticky caramel to warm pumpkin spice. It's also topped with a rich and creamy cheesecake drizzle. At under $3 for an 8-ounce bag, it's hard to resist not buying a couple of bags, too. There is no wrong way to enjoy these, either. Perhaps you'd like to savor a handful with a glass of mulled wine or alongside a well-arranged charcuterie board.

Specially Selected Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce

Nothing screams fall more than a big bowl of soup and a plate of warm pasta. With a wide range of autumn-themed pastas like Aldi's butternut squash or pumpkin sage ravioli, it's hard not to get a taste of fall with every meal. The only thing that makes it better is Aldi's fan-favorite and fall-flavored Specially Selected Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce. Aldi's pumpkin sauce, as well as its butternut squash cousin, retail at around $3.49 per jar, making a quick and affordable pathway to a tasty dinner (via Aldi Things).

Despite the presence of chipotle, this doesn't have the sort of melt-your-face-off heat that you might expect. Aisle of Shame notes that this sauce manages a nice balance between sweet and smoky. It's also incredibly versatile as a pasta sauce, working well on top of ravioli or even as a soup base for spicy black bean soup. Fans on Reddit loved using this sauce for ziti, lasagna bakes, or even simply with a package of Aldi frozen tortellini.

Barissimo fall coffee flavors

Aldi has had some delicious but unusual coffee flavors on offer, including maple bacon, bourbon, and seemingly every breakfast and regional blend inbetween. However, the Barissimo fall coffee flavors are the crown jewels of Aldi's seasonal finds. Of course, its summer blends like blueberry make for a delicious summer cold brew, but we argue that there isn't a better feeling than warming up to a cup of holiday spice. Naturally, Aldi offers a pumpkin spice coffee blend that will prove to be a pleasant and familiar fall brew (via Aldi Reviewer).

However, the Barissimo Apple Crisp ground coffee may be the blend that truly stands out from the bunch, even when it comes up against die-hard pumpkin lovers. Fans on Reddit loved how rich and flavorful it was, comparing it a freshly-baked apple pie, but without all the added syrups and creamers that muddle the coffee flavor. For Keurig connoisseurs, On Twitter, Aldi also announced the addition of Barissimo Caramel Apple K-Cups as well as Green Mountain Maple Pecan and Pumpkin Pie pods for any style of fall coffee.