Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its Mini Pancakes

When it comes to seasonal treats, there aren't many grocery stores that do it quite like Trader Joe's. The specialty chain has created a lot of excitement around its latest fall items, including salted maple ice cream and butternut squash mac and cheese. But if you've got a sweet tooth and are looking for a new product to try that isn't necessarily fall-inspired, the latest freezer item might be up your alley.

Instagram user @traderjoeslist recently posted a photo of chocolate chip poffertjes, or mini pancake puffs. Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch miniature pancake made with yeast and buckwheat. They're typically sweet, doled out by street vendors with melted butter and powdered sugar. Now that they're at Trader Joe's, shoppers won't need to travel to Europe to try them for themselves. Based on the hype surrounding the item on social media, though, they may fly off the shelves pretty quickly.

Both kids and adults are pumped about these poffertjes

In the comments of @traderjoeslist's Instagram post, customers are talking about how thrilled they are to see the chocolate chip poffertjes hit stores. Previously, Trader Joe's sold a maple version of these mini pancakes that shoppers loved. One person commented, "Just grabbed a box today! Can't wait to try them, hope they're as good as the maple ones!" 

Even those who have sampled authentic poffertjes seem to be looking forward to the TJ's iteration. "Was just in Amsterdam earlier this month and devoured them! So delicious, can't wait to try these!!" one person said, while another chimed in, "My friend's parents came here from the netherlands; her mom would always make these for breakfast the morning of sleepovers." 

Parents seem especially happy about the kid-friendly chocolate chip flavor, per Reddit users who seemed confident that their children would like these even more than the maple variety. An Instagrammer actually found out about poffertjes from a children's TV show. "Bluey turned us on to these! Can't wait to try this flavor," they said. More in the mood for tasty pancakes to whip up at home? Here are a few pancake recipes you'll want to make every morning.