Blake Lively's Genius Pumpkin Cake Hack Is Everything

Pumpkin season is here, and it seems like everywhere we go, whether in person or online, we're seeing pumpkin baked goods. Pumpkin muffins are back at Costco, Trader Joe's has a new pumpkin cake offering, and Crumbl Cookies just brought back a pumpkin-inspired flavor. October is National Pumpkin Month (via Gazette Journal), so it makes sense that this orange gourd would be front and center when it comes to autumn desserts. It's not just the stores that are rolling out their pumpkin baked goods. Home cooks are mixing up a storm, too.

Even celebrities are getting in on the fall pumpkin fun. In a social media post on Instagram, actor Blake Lively shared a photo carousel of some of her fall crafts, autumnal decor, and two fall baking projects. The first, a crusty loaf of bread shaped like a pumpkin, was inspired by Instagram account Sourdough Enzo, who produces beautifully scored, crusty loaves of sourdough (via People). But it was the second pumpkin-shaped baked good, a pound cake made in a bundt pan, that really left Lively's followers in awe.

The internet was obsessed with Lively's cake hack

Blake Lively shared her pumpkin cheesecake bundt cake hack on Instagram, with the caption, "Family butter pound cake. I just browned the butter instead. Added a splash of bourbon and half a pack of [Healthy Gourmet Kitchen] pumpkin cheesecake mix. Fall glow up" (per People). We're not sure what "family butter pound cake" is, but we're sure any interested bakers could substitute in browned butter that's been chilled until it has the texture of regular room-temperature butter. As for her other secret ingredient, Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip Mix from Healthy Gourmet Kitchen, it can be purchased online or at various stores in New York state.

Lively's half-sister, Robin Lively (herself an autumn icon thanks to a starring role in the cult-classic film "Teen Witch"), left a drooling emoji, orange heart emoji, and maple leaf emoji on the post, while actor and singer Rita Wilson said, "What is this heaven? So creative!" (via Instagram). Non-celebrities also had positive things to say about Lively's fall spread. "The Blakery looks incredible," said one punny commenter. Considering that it's only been fall for less than a week, we can only imagine what other autumnal treats and tricks Lively has up her sleeve.