The Speciality Aldi Cherries Customers Can't Get Enough Of

Everyone who shops at Aldi has a slightly different reason why they return to the store again and again. There are people who adore the fast checkout process, which is so quick that people actually need a hack to make it easier. Many like the store's low prices, which have helped Aldi remain a top spot to shop even as inflation rages on. And then there are the specialty foods that Aldi offers, which aren't always available from other grocery stores.

It seems that whenever Aldi releases a niche item, social media lights up with people who have impassioned opinions on it. Last month, the chain stocked some specialty Gouda cheeses that were infused with flavors like spinach artichoke and sriracha — and elicited a slew of comments on Instagram. The grocery store also created serious waves when parents fell in love with its peanut butter and jelly snacks. Now, Aldi is stocking jars of dark morello cherries, and people are asking the internet at large where they can get more of them.

The hunt for sour cherries is on

There are quite a few types of cherries, each with a unique flavor profile. The dark morello is in the sour cherry family and has a deep red color both inside and out. What sets this variety apart from the rest is its flavor, which is "so sour that it can really only be eaten when it is perfectly ripe," according to the Slow Food Foundation. Morellos are a popular choice for baking pies and whipping up jams and preserves, per DelightedCooking.

Recently, a Redditor who bought and loved these cherries from Aldi asked where else he could find them — which inspired people to chime in with all the ways they like to eat them. While one user said they put them in cocktails, another suggested that the OP "try them the traditional German way – with freshly made waffles!" They suggested heating the cherries and the thick, dark syrup in a pot until hot and further thickened, then piling them onto waffles with whipped cream or ice cream.

As to actually finding more of the cherries, one response proposed, "It's only around Christmas time that Aldi has them." This information was echoed several times; people said they've seen similar items at Trader Joe's, Costco, Lidl, World Market, and Walmart, but mostly seasonally. Some users pointed to international grocery stores with Eastern European offerings, and several suggested checking out liquor stores for the jarred stone fruit.