The Aldi Dessert Combo That's Causing A Hungerfest On Reddit

You may already know that Aldi is a great place to find nice food deals, healthy options, novel ingredients, and satisfying snacks. Whether you have a hankering for sweet or salty, you can find treats for any type of event. Its popular flavored goat cheese, for example, can be served with pita crackers or on a charcuterie board and can make the perfect appetizer for a celebration. Aldi items are loved by adults and kids alike. The grocer stacks a ton of snack options perfect for lunch boxes, a family movie night, or even late-night cravings.

One Redditor understands those late-night cravings all too well, as she took the time to create a dessert combo that she describes as "a bangin' late-night snack." The dessert combo consisted of Aldi's mint fudge stripe cookies, a type of shortbread cookie with layers of mint over it, very similar to Girl scout cookies. The Redditor insists these are great frozen and paired with chocolate pudding cups. Briefly, she suggested dipping the cold cookies into the pudding and tasting a snack out of this world. Did the user ace it? According to the commenters, yes.

A cookie and pudding combo delights Redditors

Most users praised the combo and described it as delicious. "I wish I had never tried them to be honest. Hooked," commented one Redditor about how this Aldi cookie became a new obsession. Another user said "those cookies are the business," and others mentioned in the thread that they tried the snack after seeing the post and attest to its greatness.

"You basically reinvented dunkarroos," celebrated a commenter on the Reddit post, describing this combo as brilliant. Dunkaroos, in case you didn't know, is an iconic 90s snack that consisted of vanilla cookies that came with frosting for you to dip in. It was sweetly satisfying and created a mix of soft and crunchy textures in the mouth — just like this Aldi dessert combo. 

One user shared a twist using the same ingredients as the OP, suggesting to "put the pudding on them beforehand and make them into little oreo sandwiches then pop them in the freezer." For those who enjoy easy-to-make late-night sweets, this may be the combo to try.