What You Should Know Before Making Bobby Flay's Pizza Dough

With so many big chains like Domino's and Papa John's, pizza is always just a phone call or online order away. But if you don't want delivery, there's a long list of homemade pizza recipes that will satisfy your craving, and it all starts with the dough. Making homemade pizza from scratch might seem intimidating, but Bobby Flay's pizza dough recipe has great reviews and may be worth a try.

On Food Network's website, Flay's pizza dough has over 1,500 reviews with a five-star rating. One thing that sets this dough apart is that it uses bread flour, and it only takes about an hour to rise. While you're waiting, you can whip up this fast marinara sauce for your pizza.

But if you tried this recipe for yourself and thought it fell short of all the praise, you're not alone. Although Flay's pizza dough has left many people satisfied, Meghan Splawn tried Flay's pizza dough recipe for The Kitchn and wasn't impressed. If you're also a bit disappointed with Flay's pizza dough, here's how Splawn recommends tweaking the recipe, making it worth another try.

Season the dough and grill your pizza

In her review for The Kitchn, self-proclaimed "Master of everyday baking" Meghan Splawn has a few critiques when it comes to Bobby Flay's pizza dough recipe. She notes the original version took a while to stretch, and the end result was a bland crust without a "burnt bottom or chewy, crispy crust." Although she says the attempt was a wash, Splawn shares some tips on how to improve Flay's recipe.

Splawn mentions the use of seasoning in pizza dough and says that even adding salt would make the dough tastier. Other seasoning options include garlic powder, onion powder, and dried oregano. An Italian seasoning blend is another way to amp up the flavor. In addition, instead of baking your pizza in the oven, Splawn suggests this pizza recipe would be best enjoyed grilled, especially since grilling is Flay's expertise.

Wondering how other celebrity chefs make their pizza dough? Unlike Flay's quick recipe, Duff Goldman's tips for homemade pizza dough include patience and keeping it in the fridge as you wait. The Pioneer Woman's secret for great pizza dough is also related to time; she gives her dough plenty of time to rest.