How NYC Customers Can Score Free Wingstop Chicken Sandwiches For An Entire Year

Food inflation is the worst it's been in over 40 years, and that means that a lot of people are focused on their food budget more than ever before. The average shopper might be shocked to see how expensive chicken has gotten with inflation, and the price hikes can be seen not just at the grocery store, but also at restaurants. According to The Washington Post, the cost of chicken wings has doubled over the past year, and Bloomberg has predicted that because of the surging price of flour, chicken, fats, and oils, fried chicken sandwiches won't be getting cheaper any time soon either. 

The data might have fried chicken fast-food chains like KFC, Popeye's, and Raising Cane's shaking in their boots, but not all hope is lost. Inflation has changed America's eating habits, but it's doubtful that our cravings for fried chicken will ever go away entirely, and Wingstop has a new promotion that could make chicken sandwiches free for some customers for an entire year. Who's shaking in their boots now, inflation?

Wingstop's new promotion is tied to new locations

Wingstop is primarily known as a flavored chicken wing chain, but this summer, the brand also started offering fried chicken sandwiches. According to a press release, the limited-time chicken sandwich sold out in days when it was first introduced in September, but it's now back in stores. 

In New York City, where Wingstop has been expanding its presence, the company is running a promo that lovers of crispy chicken sandwiches would be remiss to pass on, especially at a time when food can be so expensive. At the grand opening of two new locations, and at two other locations in the city, the chain will offer the first 50 customers in line a $350 gift card redeemable for "Free Chicken Sandwiches for a Year," which amounts to one Wingstop Chicken Sandwich a week for a year. 

The promotion will take place at 6 p.m. on the following dates, at the following locations: October 18 at 86 Delancey St., October 19 at 2665 Broadway, October 20 at 935 8th Ave., and October 21 at 80 Carmine St. Wingstop's fried chicken sandwiches are made with one crispy fried chicken cutlet served on a bun with pickles, and the chicken can be tossed with any of the chain's 12 wing flavors, something that sets it apart from other fast food fried chicken sandwiches.