Weird Al Yankovic Is Apparently A Generous Tipper

Just because a celebrity seems nice on camera doesn't mean they are in real life. As anyone who has worked in the food industry can attest, an individual's true personality is revealed in how they treat their host or server. Celebrities like James Corden, who recently got banned and then unbanned from a restaurant in New York City, have learned this lesson the hard way. However, not all big names treat their servers badly, and some are even very generous tippers.

Given the fact that he named one of his albums "The Food Album," it shouldn't come as much of a surprise for readers to learn that singer and songwriter Alfred "Weird Al" Yankovic has a love for all things food. The hit parody-maker will see his life story come alive on the big screen when "Weird: The Al Yankovic Story" comes out on November 4. The film, which stars former "Harry Potter" actor Daniel Radcliffe in the title role, tells the tale of the beloved singer's rise to fame.

However, one noteworthy part of Yankovic's story is likely to be overlooked in the biopic. According to some sources, Yankovic can be an extremely generous tipper.

Weird Al doesn't enjoy a wait

Serving food is already one of the most stressful jobs out there, so a good tip is always welcome (via Vice). Although servers are never guaranteed sizable tips from their customers, it can sometimes help when one of those customers is a 5x-Grammy-award-winning star.

According to an anecdote shared by Food & Wine, a restaurant host once had quite a momentous day at work courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic. During one shift, an older gentleman came into the restaurant the host was working at and slipped them a whopping $2. The man asked to be moved up a bit on the three-hour wait since he had someone special coming to dine with him that night. Rather interestingly, the man said, "If you move me up a bit I promise you, we'll take care of you."

Although the host was not particularly swayed by the grand sum of $2, their generally good mood convinced them to honor the customer's request nonetheless. As the host put it, "I figured his cute little old wife was coming." As it turns out, the man's guest was none other than the "Eat It" singer himself. Grateful for the only 20-minute wait, Yankovic gave the host a $200 tip.

Notably, Weird Al isn't the only celebrity known for exceptionally fair treatment of restaurant workers. In June, Johnny Depp racked up a huge restaurant bill and reportedly left a large tip as thanks for the quality service. Sadly, not all celebrities are quite so liberal in the tip department. In fact, according to some sources, Rachael Ray is a bad tipper.