Del Taco Just Dropped 2 New Cinnamon Offerings For The Fall Season

Fall is underway, which means cooler temperatures, pumpkin patches, and comforting food and beverages. The season is synonymous with pumpkin and pumpkin spice beverages; you'd be hard-pressed to walk into any fast-food retailer and not find a fall-themed item on the menu. Chains are getting more inventive, too: This year, Dunkin' collaborated with Goldfish to release a line of pumpkin spice-flavored crackers, and Chick-fil-A released an autumn spice milkshake.

Not wanting to be left out, Del Taco, the fast-food chain known for Americanized Mexican food, has jumped into the trend. In 2021, Del Taco offered customers three caramel fall drinks. Customers had their choice of a caramel dulce de leche shake, a caramel apple shake, and a caramel iced coffee. While those caramel items are no longer on the menu, customers can still order the caramel cheesecake bites (per Urban Matter). 

And this year, Del Taco has released another round of fall-themed items, highlighting the warm and spicy notes of cinnamon.

Del Taco thinks cinnamon is an underrated fall flavor

Move over, pumpkin: Del Taco's fall lineup is all about cinnamon. The fast-food chain has unveiled two new fall menu items: a cinnamon roll shake and Cafe de Olla iced coffee. According to Del Taco's website, the cinnamon roll shake takes the company's creamy vanilla shake and adds cinnamon roll filling. The medium-roast coffee is made from 110% Arabica beans with notes of cinnamon and brown sugar. 

In true Del Taco fashion, both beverages are very affordable, with the shake starting at $1.59 and the coffee starting at $1.69. And for an even bigger bargain, customers who download the Del Yeah! Rewards app can receive one free coffee per day by purchasing an item before 11 a.m. (per Del Taco).

There's no official end date as to when these drinks will disappear, with Chewboom stating that the new drinks are available "for a limited time."