Trader Joe's Fans Can't Wait To Dig Into Its New Artisanal Truffle Cheese

The holiday season brings about beautiful decorations, family gatherings, and special festive foods. While pumpkin spice has become synonymous with fall, it's hardly representative of all the delicious goodies that are released during the holiday season. Grocery stores and food brands have capitalized on the general population's festive spirit by rolling out special, often limited-edition items for people to purchase. This year, Milano cookies unveiled new hot chocolate-flavored cookies, while last year saw Krispy Kreme debut fall-flavored glazed donuts.

Trader Joe's is one store that knows how to attract customers with its fall offerings. Each year, Trader Joe's brings back some of its seasonal favorites like its fall soup and pumpkin ice cream. While the grocery chain is known for regularly announcing new offerings, it sadly means that some popular items completely vanish (like the arrabbiata sauce and chocolate ganache torte). On the plus side, fans get a chance to try new items that may excite their taste buds. 

According to PureWow, this year, customers can sink their teeth into pumpkin cheesecake croissants, salted maple ice cream, and white bean chicken chili soup. However, the specific item that is really piquing customers' interest this year is the cheese.

Truffle cheese has fans drooling

Thanks to a recent post by Instagram's @traderoeslist, fans now know about Trader Joe's newest cheese. In two photos added to the popular social media account, a woman holds a single unit of Toma Truffle artisanal cheese. While the first photo displays the name of the product, the second provides fans with the oh-so-important nutritional information. As of this writing, the post had accumulated over 18,000 like. So, what makes this particular cheese so popular?

According to the Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company website, the truffle cheese is infused with the flavor of black truffle. The label states that the cheese pairs well when mixed into scrambled eggs. It also reports that the cheese makes a nice bite when sipping on a glass of sparkling wine. The comments on the Instagram post were extremely positive, with one user writing, "That cheese is so yummy!!" Another user noted that the cheese is especially delicious when eaten with spicy honey. The cheese sells for $5.99, but there's no news yet on how long the cheese will stay.

On your next visit to Trader Joe's, you can also add some other newly released seasonal cheeses to your basket. In addition to the Toma truffle, Trader Joe's released its Stripey Cheese made with four different kinds of English cheese. TJ's also released its Unexpected Cheddar Cheese spread, which is the spreadable version of its cheddar (per PureWow). You're sure to impress everyone at your holiday gathering if you roll in with a homemade charcuterie board thanks to Trader Joe's.