The Bizarre Snack Combo Siri Daly Ate As A Child - Exclusive

Have you ever tried Oreos dipped in peanut butter? The iconic movie "The Parent Trap" can be thanked for that bizarre snack combo that we all wanted to try as a kid. Weird food combinations are a tale as old as time, with Dove Cameron swearing by brownies with ranch dressing and Ross Matthews enjoying pickles with parmesan cheese. Everyone has different food cravings and preferences — with some being more out of left field than others.

Siri Daly, food blogger, mom of four, and wife to Carson Daly, revealed that she is no stranger to a unique snack. In an exclusive interview, Siri Daly told Mashed all about her new partnership with children's juice box brand Juicy Juice. Daly is a seasoned cookbook author and well known for her kid-friendly recipes that are fun and creative. That's why Mashed had to ask what fun and creative recipes she enjoyed throughout her childhood. To be transparent — it's not a food combination you would generally expect.

Daly loved chips dipped in pickle juice

As we trek along through life, there are certain foods that bring a smile to our faces no matter what. Siri Daly explained that when her mom wasn't around as a kid, she would sneak an interesting snack (and no, it's not chocolate chips like she loves now!). The Midwest native told Mashed, "There was a brand of chips in the Midwest called Old Dutch chips. They were crinkle potato chips, and I would dip them in pickle juice." Daly continued, "This was before dill pickle-flavored chips were a thing." Pickle juice can be a controversial liking, but it seems to be taking a stand these days with anything from pickle-flavored popcorn to pickle-flavored ice cream.

Although the recipe creator didn't monetize on that fun food combination, she does have a lot of great lunchbox ideas to choose from. Mini pizza bagels, cheesy egg bites, and turkey meatballs are just some of Daly's weekly meal fillers. Kids can be fickle when it comes to eating habits, so the food blogger advises parents to keep trying and use their imaginations when it comes to the kitchen. For many, that recommendation is easier said than done, but if you find yourself in a recipe rut, you can use Daly's recipes as a guide. Pasta salad is on the menu today!

Learn more about Siri Daly's lunchbox recipes on the Juicy Juice website, and follow Siri Daly's Instagram page to keep up with her latest projects.