Friendly's Just Dropped A New Cookbook For The Holidays

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Although it's easier than ever to find new recipes to try online, it's also fun to flip through cookbooks for some inspiration in the kitchen. Many celebrity chefs have their own cookbooks with signature recipes, and 29% of people report that their favorite celebrity cookbook is from Anthony Bourdain. But what if you're craving a specific menu item from a chain restaurant?

Thankfully, there are plenty of copycat recipes for your favorite fast food dishes, whether you want McDonald's famous french fries or an out-of-season pumpkin spice treat. For the most part, these recipes are tested by fans, but one restaurant chain is dropping its recipes in a cookbook as a gift for the holiday season.

According to a press release, Friendly's is releasing its own cookbook, which is called "Friendly's Half Cookbook." The name comes from the fact that these recipes are half-sized, which is great for kids or, as the book puts its, "so anyone can indulge in their favorite meal and still have plenty of room for ice cream." Friendly's is selling its cookbook on Amazon in hardcover and paperback editions.

Here's what recipes Friendly's has in its new cookbook

If you're easily overwhelmed by long cookbooks with pages of recipes, this isn't something you need to worry about with Friendly's latest offering. According to the press release, Friendly's cookbook, which was released on September 27, includes five different recipes — but don't expect to learn many secrets to the chain's ice cream desserts. David Ellis, the chief marketing officer of Friendly's, said, "Two-thirds of the people that visit Friendly's have ice cream during their visit. This cookbook is inspired by the one-third that doesn't, with half-sized recipes of some of our favorite items."

The book includes recipes for the Honey BBQ Chicken Melt, the All-American Burger, and the Bangin' Beef Stroganoff. The cookbook also recommends what ice cream to finish off your meal with, depending on what your main course is. And if you decide you want to enjoy your meal at the restaurant instead, the cookbook also comes with $20 of Friendly's coupons. The book is available on Amazon at two different pricing options. For $21.53, you can have the book in paperback, but if you want a hard-cover edition, be prepared to spend $38 instead.

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