Applebee's Sleigh Bell Sips Holiday Cocktails Just Dropped

Diners looking for late-night food and drinks at an affordable price can typically count on Applebee's to satisfy their munchie needs. The fast casual chain offers most of its entrees in the $15-and-under price range, with many appetizers going for $8 to $11 (via Fast Food Menu Prices). For those who love scoring a good deal, Applebee's also offers half-priced appetizers for the late night-crowd. In addition to these longstanding traditions are one-off deals. In 2020, Applebee's offered 25-cent boneless chicken wings for dine-in customers, while its newer promotion is a 2-for-$24 meal that comes with one appetizer and two entrees.

And for those in the 21-and-over crowd, Applebee's frequently advertises cocktail promotions. This year, the chain poured refreshing new summer cocktails made with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's signature tequila. Customers were able to score the limited-time margaritas for $5 a pop. Last month, Applebee's brought back its classic Halloween cocktails, serving $6 spooky cocktails in October. With the holidays on the horizon, the chain is now making spirits bright with a deal on festive boozy beverages.

These $6 cocktails are meant to get you in the holiday spirit

According to a press release, Applebee's just launched its 2022 seasonal cocktails, a duo dubbed the $6 Sleigh Bell Sips. On ice is the Tipsy Reindeer, a lemony punch made with Smirnoff vodka, cranberry juice, and passion fruit. The frozen option is called the Berry Merry Colada, a strawberry-flavored, red and green take on the piña colada made with Captain Morgan rum and the addition of melon liqueur. Both cocktails are served in the restaurant's large "Mucho" glass and topped with a Santa Claus-shaped gummy.

This isn't the first time Applebee's has offered a cocktail deal to brighten the holiday season. Taste of Home notes that in 2020, the chain debuted the same duo of drinks, though the Tipsy Reindeer was instead called Reindeer Punch and also contained cherry juice. Last year, Applebee's served the same punch and a Strawberry Merry Swirl frozen cocktail. The most marked change, likely reflecting inflation, is that this year's drinks are $6 instead of $5. Be sure to check your local Applebee's to see if the cocktails are available to-go as well as for dine-in orders.