Workers Reveal What It's Really Like To Work At MOD Pizza

Imagine heading into work and always smelling the fantastic aroma of a freshly baked pizza. If you work at Domino's, Papa Johns's, or some other pizza chain, this is your delicious reality. As soon as you're in the store, you probably get to the task of taking orders, crafting the pies, baking them, and making sure everything runs smoothly in the pizza-making and delivery process. 

It can be a lot of work to ensure everything goes right, but hey, that's the same with any job, so why not make it a job where you're surrounded by pizza? Pizza is the reality for employees at MOD Pizza. The chain is known for its hearty, filling pizzas and its dedication to making a positive impact on the communities it dwells in through good food and customer service. 

The employees at MOD Pizza have a lot on their plates to deal with aside from making pizzas. MOD Pizza employees have a lot to say about their experiences at the chain, from rude customers to difficult management. If you're wondering what it's like to work at MOD pizza, employee reviews are incredibly important.

Workers' experiences at MOD Pizza can be pretty mixed

Many employees at MOD Pizza have to put up with a lot that is not fun. Yet, there are also some aspects of the job that have led many employees to adore their time working for the company, and not just because of the pizza. 

There are a lot of positives one can take away from a position at the pizza chain, from good coworkers to excellent management. That doesn't mean MOD Pizza is without its flaws, though, as some employees have claimed to have stressful, mentally draining experiences at the chain, as well.

Some employees will go as far as to say that MOD Pizza was the worst working experience they've ever had (via Indeed). They cite some gossip, along with the fact that they were constantly overworked, making for an incredibly stressful environment. 

On the other hand, employees who'd recommend working at MOD Pizza have a lot to appreciate. One of the best aspects of the job is the flexible working hours (as per Glassdoor). Flexible hours could be quite beneficial for a student in school. Not only that, but with enjoyable coworkers and delicious pizza, we can see why many would want to work for the pizza chain (even with all of its flaws). 

The free lunch and other discounts are a plus for many employees

One of the best parts about working at any food-based company has got to be the food. If you work at a pizza place, it's likely difficult to try to get through a day without craving a fresh piece of cheese or pepperoni pizza. We doubt that this sentiment isn't present at MOD Pizza because the pizzas the chain offers are pretty delicious.

At MOD Pizza, the employees get a delicious benefit for working at the chain. According to Zippia, they get free meals during their shifts as well as 50% off the food from the store when they aren't working. Many employees see this as a plus (as per Indeed). Indeed, who wouldn't? 

Free pizza anywhere is a treat for anyone, and if you can get it from MOD Pizza, that's a pretty awesome deal. The employees at MOD Pizza have to work incredibly hard to get their jobs done, though when you throw a free slice of pizza into the mix, we imagine it makes things a little easier for them.

The management can vary based on location

An important aspect of any job is the management team that one works under, especially if there's pizza involved. When you work at MOD Pizza, the management can vary from location to location. Not every manager will be difficult to work under: In fact, an employee might come across managers that they enjoy working with.

On one hand, some managers aren't the easiest to work with. One employee notes in a review that their management wasn't even trained, making the task of working under them a difficult feat to perform (via Indeed). If a manager isn't trained to do their job, then we can imagine things at MOD Pizza wouldn't run as smoothly as one might hope. 

Fortunately, other employees have had more positive experiences with their managers. One employee claims on Niche that the managers were flexible and easy to work with, which allowed them to grow and learn a lot at the pizza place. It seems as though one's experience at MOD Pizza will heavily depend on the kind of manager they're stuck with, so if you do find yourself working there, you should hope the manager will be great to work with. 

The uniform policy can be pretty relaxed

Having a uniform makes it a lot easier to identify the employees within an establishment, so it's crucial to ensure that your employees dress in a way that makes them noticeable. At MOD Pizza, you have to wear the company's shirts, and aside from that, the rigidness of an employee's uniform may vary based on which MOD Pizza store you work at (as per MOD Pizza). 

According to employees on Indeed, the only uniform they are given are T-shirts, and depending on where you work, an employee might find themselves with either one T-shirt or more. As for the rest of the uniform, that's completely dependent on one's manager. Another employee noted on Reddit that they were allowed to wear whatever they wanted, as long as it included the MOD Pizza uniform. 

As the company tries to promote diversity and being one's self, piercings and nail polish are allowed. You can't come to work in your pajamas or look as though you just woke up, but it's nice to know there's a bit of flexibility with your uniform.

The pay isn't really the best

No matter which industry you work in, the pay is one of the most important parts of your job. Most retail and restaurant jobs don't pay as much as one would get for being a lawyer, doctor, or culinary chef. The pay may be okay for students who are just getting into college or anyone else who is in between jobs, but unless you plan on trying to get promotions, you probably aren't going to make the most money at places like MOD Pizza.

At MOD Pizza, many employees have found themselves being paid less than the amount that they desire. One employee who was a college student at the time of writing their review noted that every time they got their paycheck, they were disappointed by the amount that they received and that they couldn't live off of the money that they were making (via Indeed).  

Another former employee discussing their experience in a YouTube video claimed they only got paid around $10 an hour, which shocked non-MOD Pizza employees (via YouTube). You shouldn't expect to make the largest sum of money working as a cashier or cook at MOD Pizza, but if you're looking for some extra cash as a student or someone fresh out of school, MOD Pizza isn't the worst chain to work for.

There are quite a few opportunities for growth

There are many positions that you can take up while working at a food company. It's not an easy task, but for many, if you put in the effort and you have the opportunity to do so, then you may be able to experience a lot of growth during your time at a chain. At some companies, many find themselves unable to experience or see this growth, but at MOD Pizza, you're able to move up the ranks a little easier than at other food chains.

Many employees seem to feel that MOD is a good place to find friendly, supportive staff who will push you forward (as per Handshake). A supportive group of peers is always a good thing to have around, as they can inspire someone to do well in whatever task they're set to. 

One employee claims that it was easy to get promoted at MOD Pizza, which offered them a gateway to growth and improvement, as well. Many employees echo this sentiment, making MOD appear to be a pretty great chain for anyone hoping to grow in terms of their career and experience. There is plenty of opportunity at the chain for you if you're in the right MOD Pizza location and put in the work.

Some of the customers can be rude

Working alongside positive and helpful staff can be crucial in some service settings, most notably when you have to deal with customers. For the most part, a customer will be polite, quiet, and just want to pick up their food. Unfortunately, there are always some bad apples out there who seem to be angry at everything. Every chain has to deal with these sorts of customers, which is no fun for the employees, including those at MOD Pizza.

Screaming, anger, and everything in between: That's what many employees at MOD have to deal with from customers. One employee noted that the customers could be incredibly rude and that, paired with a manager who didn't seem to oversee anything that occurred there, did not make for the best MOD Pizza experience. Having to factor in a problematic manager and busy working conditions will only make a frustrated customer that much more difficult to deal with. 

Another employee stated that while, for the most part, the customers they had to deal with were nice, they did get some fairly annoying and mean people in their store (via Glassdoor). There aren't any chains out there that don't have to deal with rude customers; however, that doesn't make it better for the employees at MOD Pizza.

Weekends are always the busiest

If you work in a pizza store, depending on the day, you might find yourself helping out a low number of customers or scrambling to keep up with multiple customers at once for hours on end. At MOD Pizza, you'll definitely be kept busy since pizza is such a popular food, but some days are definitely busier than not. Some employees have been with the chain long enough to know which days are the busiest and which are less so.

Many employees seem to assert that the days leading up to the weekend are the worst. One worker who worked in one of the busiest MOD Pizza stores in Texas stated that the busiest time at the location was on Friday nights when many people are ready to rest after a long work week and likely don't have a lot of energy to cook (via Indeed). 

Another employee agreed that weekends are the busiest time, and while MOD Pizza isn't the most difficult job to put up with, it's never fun to work a busy shift (via Glassdoor). This isn't just good information for employees, though: If you're hoping to get a pizza from MOD, then you may want to be aware of when the chain is likely to be at its busiest. 

Making the pizzas is fairly simple

If you've ever crafted a pizza at home, then you likely know what it takes to prepare the pie. But what if you're making the pizza in an extremely busy pizza shop? Making a pizza in a shop as opposed to at home may be a bit more stressful, as you have to factor in customers, delivery, and everything else that goes into working at a place like MOD Pizza. Surprisingly, however, making the pizzas isn't the most difficult job that the employees have to face. 

According to some employees from MOD Pizza, working at the chain is almost comparable to playing a pizza-making game (via Indeed). By this, they mean that working at MOD Pizza is as easy. The work is simple in their eyes and almost fun, to a degree. 

Other employees back up the sentiment that the job is quite simple, and while you won't make the most money, as long as you know what you're doing, you won't struggle too much (as per Indeed). While no job is without its stressful moments, it's nice to know that making pizzas at MOD Pizza is relatively easy.