The Sheet Pan Eggs That Beat Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is a renowned chef and tv personality who knows a thing or two when it comes to cooking. On his eponymous show, "Beat Bobby Flay," professional chefs challenge Flay to cook their signature dish, which can be savory or sweet. Even though the show has aired for 30 seasons, contestants don't win all too often. Flay's been in the business long enough to know how to create depth of flavor in all his dishes and has a wide array of culinary knowledge. His friend and mentor chef Jonathan Waxman shared that the only way a contestant could win would be to cook to their strengths and not Flay's. While he started his career cooking Southwestern cuisine, he has since opened restaurants focused on Mediterranean and Italian cuisines (per Vital Vegas). Flay often shares his tips and tricks with his fans via Food Network and his social media accounts.

Flay launched a video series teaching home cooks essential recipes. His Instagram series "5 Dishes to Master" walks viewers through the steps to make essential dishes in each category; fish, chicken, salad, steak, and pasta. In one of his posts, he shows fans how to make his signature 6-minute jammy egg for an elevated appetizer. Even with all his knowledge, Flay still shows his fans that old dogs can learn new tricks.

A new way to perfectly cook eggs

Bobby Flay is no stranger to cooking eggs. He hosted a Food Network show, called "Brunch at Bobby's" for seven seasons and released a cookbook with 140 brunch recipes (per Good Reads). Even as a brunch master, Flay can still learn new techniques when it comes to cooking eggs. Food Network shared a video on Twitter, showing Flay's reaction to a TikTok video of sheet-pan baked eggs. In the video, a sheet pan is greased, then eggs are poured onto the pan before being cooked in the oven. The pan is removed, revealing perfectly cooked sunny-side-up eggs.

While Flay appears skeptical in the beginning, going so far as to even say he tried something like this once and it did not work out, his attitude changes by the end. He ends the video hinting that he'll try out the hack, so we'll have to wait and see if he shares his success (or failure). One tip Flay shared on Food Network, was to crack the eggs into a separate dish before cooking. He does this to prevent cracked yolks and maintain a restaurant-quality appearance. It appears the person in the TikTok video took his advice, as their eggs are cracked into a plastic container before being dropped onto the pan.