Buddy Valastro Just Launched A Sweet Potato Pie Cake On DoorDash

Whether you prefer sweet or savory food, there's something on the table for everyone at Thanksgiving. If your favorite dinner course is dessert, the holidays usually mean that there are multiple sweet options on the table, from a classic pumpkin pie to less-traditional options like bread pudding, which Andrew Zimmern recommends as a comforting Thanksgiving dish to finish the meal.

Since Thanksgiving is such a big affair, ordering a couple of dishes ahead of time can be a great way to prevent any additional stress. If you prefer tending to your turkey over whipping up pie dough, then there are a few places offering a sweet shortcut. For example, Magnolia Bakery has treats for the Thanksgiving table, including banana pudding, pies, and Turkey Day-themed cupcakes. And Buddy Valastro also has an over-the-top sweet potato cake available for purchase online.

Recently, Valastro announced in an Instagram post that he's selling a 'Sweet Potato Pie' Dream Cake on DoorDash for Thanksgiving this year. Valastro launched this cake for sweet potato lovers on DoorDash last November, and it's back in a bid to give more traditional desserts a run for their money.

What's in Buddy Valastro's sweet potato pie cake?

If you're thinking that Buddy Valastro's DoorDash offering sounds like every Thanksgiving dessert rolled into one bite, you're not too far off. According to the description of the sweet potato pie cake on DoorDash, the first layer of the cake is sweet potato pie. The second layer is a spiced sweet potato cake baked into a pie crust, and the third and final layer of the cake is a sweet potato casserole topped with a pecan oat crumble and marshmallows. Of course, you can't have an overly decadent cake without frosting, and this cake has a brown sugar swiss meringue cream cheese frosting and extra crumble in the middle.

For diehard sweet potato lovers, this cake rolls all the sweet potato dishes into one. In his Instagram post, Valastro says that the 'Sweet Potato Pie' Dream Cake ships nationwide. The cake costs $79.99, and it's also a DoorDash exclusive, so people won't be able to pick up a slice at Carlo's Bakery. A couple of Instagram commenters asked about shipping the cake to Canada, but according to the DoorDash website, the company "only ship[s] to the contiguous United States only (48 states not including Hawaii or Alaska)."

Customers can also order other seasonal desserts, such as pumpkin pie, and other classic cakes, like chocolate and red velvet, from Carlo's Bakery through DoorDash. Prefer to do your own baking for Thanksgiving? We've rounded up 39 of the best Thanksgiving dessert recipes.