Mashed Survey: Which Fictional Chef Should Get Their Own Show On Food Network?

Ever since there have been stories, there have been stories about food, since entertainment comes just a step behind sustenance on our pyramid of basic needs. While some fictional chefs' creations are not too appealing — eye of newt and toe of frog? umm, no thanks, we're trying to cut down — others sound pretty amazing. Another glass of miruvor? Thanks, don't mind if we do!

Wouldn't it be fun if some of our favorite fictional chefs could open their own restaurants? With this in mind, Mashed contacted 604 of our trusty poll repondents, and once more, they came through for us. We provided a short list of movie and television chefs from which to pick, figuring they'd have a better chance than cooks from books (or even Nintendo's Cooking Mama) at going head-to-head with those celebrity chefs who have been made famous by reality TV. Our short list consists of just 5 names: Bob Belcher, Carmy Berzatto, Monica Geller, Remy the Rat, and The Swedish Chef. When the votes were tallied, we found we had somewhat of an upset victory on our hands. A chef who's been creating havoc in the kitchen for nearly 50 years was the one to take home top honors, ousting more contemporary peers.

The winning fictional chef

The Swedish Chef, who's been specializing n mayhem with a side of bork bork bork since 1975, earned almost 31% of the votes in our poll. We're not sure we'd be regular patrons at his restaurant, but he should totally get his own cooking competition show — we'd put him up against Gordon Ramsay any day for entertaining kitchen antics (plus we'd hope to see Miss Piggy as a celebrity judge). Coming in a close second, however, is Remy the Rat, star of the 2007 movie "Ratatouille" and hero of his own crowd-sourced musical over a decade later (via Twitter).

In third place, earning almost 20% of the votes, is the uptight but lovable Monica Geller of "Friends." Would she stick with a fine dining concept, do you think, or open a coffee shop as a nostalgic homage to her favorite hangout? Bob Belcher from "Bob's Burgers" came in fourth with just shy of 15% — although he's a cartoon character, he may still be one of the most relatable of TV chefs. Trailing the pack with less than 6% of the votes is Carmy Berzatto from "The Bear," another show where the restaurant kitchen is far more realistic than many of the ones you see on reality cooking shows. It's not that Berzatto's Italian beef sandwiches don't look amazing, but not everyone gets the FX channel so lack of familiarity with the show may have contributed to his poor showing here.