A Huge Franzia Wine Box Inflatable Is What Your Yard Needs

While wine Advent calendars are a popular way to kick off the holiday season, there are bigger and bolder ways to show off just how much you love wine. You might have a wine fridge, and if you're very lucky, a wine cellar to store and display all your wines properly. But if you need more wine decor in your life, Franzia will have something that will get the attention of all your neighbors.

Don't think Franzia has anything that could appeal to you? Although boxed wine might not be the drink of choice for everyone, boxed wine might be overcoming its negative stigma, and it lasts longer than wine from a bottle. And among boxed wine drinkers, Franzia is a popular choice. In a Mashed survey, we found out that people think Franzia is the best box wine. So Franzia fans, this seasonal offering is for you.

On the brand's website, Franzia has a limited-time product for the holiday season, but it's not a special blend of wine like you might expect. This year, one of the brand's holiday items is, in fact, perfect for your decor needs. Instead of decking out your porch with lights and inflatable reindeer and snowmen, a festive box of Franzia is now an option.

Franzia releases 2 holiday inflatables

If you want to get into the decorative holiday spirit and show off your love for wine simultaneously, then Franzia has your back. You can purchase your very own Franzia wine box inflatable to display on your lawn this season (per the Franzia). The brand even has two versions of the wine inflatable: Cabernet Sauvignon and Sunset Blush. While there are more types of Franzia boxed wine, these two options should have most fans covered. According to the Franzia, one inflatable boxed wine is about 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Once it's plugged in, the product inflates itself, saving you a bit of work. One inflatable is $50.

Unfortunately, white wine lovers won't find their pick available as an inflatable. Thankfully, there's plenty of other holiday cheer in the form of sweaters and other winter gear from the brand's store.

If you're a wine lover but don't have the space to fit a giant inflatable on your own lawn, you can still sip on wine all throughout the holiday season. Aldi dropped two flavors of fruity wine for the winter, and you can impress your guests by making glögg, the mulled wine-like drink your holiday party is missing.