14 Potato Chip Hacks That You Have To Try

The U.S. is a nation of potato chip lovers, at par with France and Great Britain. If you're wondering just how popular the delicious snack is, here's an astonishing factoid: Around 86% of the U.S. population eats chips (via Statista). You don't need to be a potato chip superfan to know that there are many varieties to choose from. Perhaps you like nothing better than a thick, chunky, flavorful chip, or maybe you prefer a delicate, wafer-like bite. Chips are handy to eat, super tasty, and you can throw a packet in your bag to munch on the go too, making them perfect for a packed lunch or when you crave a snack. Because they're so loved, it's not a big surprise that there are thousands of hacks to lead your best potato-chip-loving life.

You can fry, bake, and even microwave your own chips, which is great as an alternative to store-bought ones. You can season, soak, and shake them, and you can even whip up mashed potatoes. Use them in place of breadcrumbs or sprinkle them over desserts as a crunchy coating. There are even a couple of smart ideas to turn your potato chip bag into a bowl or keep it sealed more efficiently. Grab a bag of chips to enjoy while you discover the top potato chip hacks you have to try. 

1. Fold and roll to keep fresh

You don't need an expert to tell you to use a rubber band or a clip to close a bag of chips you haven't quite polished off. But what if you don't have either on hand? Chef host Padma Lakshmi featured a viral TikTok hack on her Twitter feed, revealing how to easily seal a potato chip bag. With the right fold-and-roll method, you can stop the contents from going stale or spilling. You might want to open a bag of chips and eat some first so you can try this neat technique yourself.  

Press on the bag to get the air out, then fold the top corners into the center so that they overlap. The top of the bag should be in the shape of a triangle. Fold the bottom of the triangle up, and tuck the top down and underneath. Of course, variations of this method are easy to find on TikTok so experiment to find the approach you prefer. If you're confident your bag is secure then you should be able to tip it upside down without losing any chips. If it's your first go and you're uncertain, you might want to place a bowl underneath just in case. 

2. Make potato chip crumbs

If you're a fan of Japanese-style panko breadcrumbs or just regular homemade crumbs, it's probably because anything you coat with them becomes spectacularly crispy when cooked. Well, you'll want to add a crumbly coating made from potato chips to your crumbing repertoire. You can make them as rough or as finely crushed as you like to vary the final texture. Open a bag of chips just a bit and let out the air. Then, you should be able to easily crush the chips with your hands without emptying the packet. If you don't want to use them all, simply add as many as you like to a separate bag and smash them with a rolling pin. 

To make a crispy pork sandwich, courtesy of @cookiterica on TikTok, mix crushed-up potato chips with some panko. Make an egg wash and season it with spicy brown mustard. Next, flatten the meat and dip it in flour, then the egg wash, and finally in the panko and chip crumbs. Cook the meat and use whatever bread and salad fillings you like to create your potato chip sandwich. Another fun recipe idea from TikTok is to crush potato chips in a bag, then add chicken tenders individually and shake so that the crispy crumbs coat each piece. Deep fry the chicken and serve it with your favorite dip.

3. Turn potato chips into mashed potatoes

As a side dish, mashed potatoes are really versatile. You can serve a scoop of soft, fluffy potatoes along with a delicious date-night steak or with your everyday weekday dinner.  And sometimes, you might even crave a portion of mash all by itself, especially given it is a total comfort food. But what do you do if you've run out of potatoes? There's no way you can rustle up some mash then. Or is there? If you've got a packet of potato chips, then you're in luck. The only other thing you really need is a TikTok tip that transforms chips into mash. Admit it, you're intrigued. 

Start with 3 ounces of potato chips and add them to a cupful of boiling water in a pan. So far, simple. With a spatula, submerge the chips in the water to keep them wet. Keep stirring for a couple of minutes and you'll start to see what resembles a mash-like mixture. Just as you might add some dairy to your spuds to make them creamy, you can do the same with your potato chip mash. While the pan is still on the burner, stir in some half-and-half, milk, or cream. Then, your mashed potatoes are ready to enjoy. Try serving this to an unsuspecting dinner guest and see if they notice the difference. 

4. Microwave homemade chips

Deep-fried potato chips are not exactly a dieter's delight. You don't have to be a nutritionist to know that your favorite chips taste so good because they're not lettuce. If you're on a healthy eating mission but just can't shake the desire for that iconic crispy crunch, check your pantry for potatoes. If you've got any on hand, you'll have homemade chips in a few minutes. You won't even need to heat oil for frying because you're going to make them in the microwave by following a terrific tip on TikTok from @thecoreyb

Slice a potato (russet works well) thinly enough so the slices are more chip-like rather than thick slabs. Place the slices in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, mixing with your hands so the chips are well-coated. Then, drizzle olive oil on a microwaveable plate and smear it with your oily hands so it covers the plate fully. Add a single layer of potato slices and sprinkle them with salt, or you could try barbecue powder instead. Microwave for 6 to 7 minutes and you'll end up with a plateful of crunchy chips.

5. Season and shake

Certain snacks are made for dipping, such as thick and crunchy Kettle Brand chips. But dips can soon get messy, and you may very well run out too quickly or have trouble getting the last of the sauce out. Instead of dipping your chips in your sauce of choice, why not season and shake them? You still get a perfectly seasoned result but you don't have to serve up a separate dish with sauce. And if you've run out of dip anyway, then here's a quick way to get your flavor fix. For some hot-tasting chips, follow a simple idea that Chef Ian posted on TikTok.

Fill a Ziploc bag half full with salt and vinegar potato chips. Sprinkle on a good dose of chili powder to taste, then add garlic powder, followed by some cayenne pepper. Seal the bag making sure there's still some air and give it a good shake. Turn it upside down and side-to-side in your hands, so that the seasoning covers every chip. Feel free to experiment wth your favorite blend of spices.

6. Make your own cheesy chips

If you understand food and flavor, you'll know that potatoes and cheese are a classic pairing. Just think about a delicious potatoes au gratin recipe. So, it's not a big stretch to envisage that chips and cheese are a winning combo. All you need to figure out is how to make your own chips and give them a cheesy tang. Whether you want to microwave, bake, or fry them is up to you. 

Try starting with homemade garlic Parmesan chips, courtesy of the @aussiefitness TikTok account. With a couple of potatoes, garlic salt, Italian seasoning, and cheese, you can whip these up in mere minutes in the microwave. Meanwhile, another TikTok account suggests making crinkle-cut, Ruffles-style chip slices. In this case, you bake the chips in the oven at high heat after seasoning the slices. And of course, there's always the option to fry your chips.

7. Fry bubble chips

If it tastes delicious, then do y'all need to try and define it? If you're wondering whether bubble chips are a fry or a chip, you'll have to settle for it being something in between. What's certain is it has that unmistakable crunch of a chip. Turn your fryer on, get some potatoes, and prepare to be converted. 

One TikTok version suggests halving and thinly slicing a peeled potato lengthwise to create flat wedges. Brush them with oil and sprinkle them with salt. Stack the slices on top of one another and deep fry them until they pop out, much like a crunchy version of a snap pea. 

Another method to create this fun treat requires you first to thinly slice a peeled potato with a mandoline. Brush the slices with oil, sprinkle some flour, and stack two slices together with the floury sides in the middle. Use a round utensil to cut out perfect rounds in each stack and fry them in hot oil until they puff out. The result is super crispy and looks like crunchy potato buñuelos (via TikTok). 

You can also try a battered version, as per @patrickzeinali's TikTok video. Mix flour with cornstarch, baking powder, salt, chopped fresh parsley, and water. Whisk the mixture and dip the potato slices, then deep fry them. Sprinkle them with salt once they're done and bite into one, or 10. 

8. Bake Tapatío potato chips

One of the most beloved Mexican hot sauces is Tapatío, and fans will be glad to know the brand also makes a loaded nachos dip made with cheese, beans, and salsa. If you love that spicy potato flavor, then you can make your own Tapatío potato chips with a snackable hack posted by @bigeats.world on TikTok. You're not just going to make your own potato chips, you're actually going to bake your own Tapatío seasoning as well. How cool is that for a hot treat?   

You can make your own Tapatío seasoning by baking the hot sauce on a baking sheet in the oven. It should crumble when it's dried out and cooled down, and you can then sprinkle it over homemade chips. A great way to make chips for maximum crunch and taste is to cut your potato into crinkle-cut slices to create plenty of nooks for flavor to hide. Par-boil and fry them, then finish up by giving them a really good toss in your homemade Tapatío seasoning. You're not going to be able to get enough of these, so you might want to make extra seasoning to last for another batch. Just a suggestion.

9. Pair potato chips with eggs

Potatoes complement a wide range of foods, and eggs are no exception. Think about how good a Spanish tortilla or frittata is if you need reminding. It makes sense then, that eggs and potato chips might be a good combination to eat at the same time as well. But how? By making a tortilla with chips instead of potatoes, that's how. What's great about this Lifehacker idea is that you don't need fancy ingredients either, making this a great go-to dish. Whisk and season a handful of eggs and mix them in with 3 cups of kettle chips. Pour the mixture into a hot pan coated with olive oil and let it set. Flip it over to finish cooking it, then slice to serve. 

Lifehacker also suggests adding potato chip crumbs when you scramble eggs, noting that sour cream and onion chips infuse lots of flavor. Another option is to stuff an omelet with chips and add goat cheese. Or try potato chips with steam-cooked eggs — the variations are endless. To make it a full meal, fry some veggies, toss in a bit of cooked meat, and add a few handfuls of potato chips, a little at a time. Stir the contents and add two eggs, keeping them intact. Cover the pan and steam cook the eggs so that the whites are set but the yolks are still runny. Add chives and grated Parmesan and serve with a spicy sauce. 

10. Soak potatoes in vinegar for crispy flavored chips

You've no doubt enjoyed a potato chip that's flavored with a dusting of seasoning on the outside. It makes sense; potatoes are sliced, chips are made, and seasonings are added. What's great about foodie hacks is that they turn classic ideas upside down and come up with new, inventive suggestions. A TikTok video from @noflakeysalt demonstrates exactly this. Fans of salt and vinegar chips are going to love this simple recipe. All you have to do is soak your potatoes before you cook them.

Make sure your slices of potato are almost transparently thin wafers so that you can get that moreish crispy, crunchy quality of a golden chip. Once they've soaked in white vinegar for a couple of hours with salt, fry them in hot oil. When they start to brown, remove and eat them immediately. Remember, you don't need any extra seasoning on top as they're pre-seasoned, so keep the salt at bay to avoid overdoing it. 

11. Add chips to desserts

There are a lot of wacky potato chip flavors out there in the world, even if many haven't made it to the U.S. A few examples include spicy soup, Guinness beer, seafood, and even cucumber. Stateside, Trader Joe's released a festive snack mix that included chocolate-dipped potato chips, caramel popcorn, and roasted peanuts. While you're probably more used to savory potato chips, trying to pair them with sweet flavors could open up a whole new world of snacking. If you're not ready to dip them in chocolate, consider using potato chips to add some crunch to sweet bites. For example, you could keep the sweetness subtle by making potato chip cookies with mixed nuts.

Meanwhile, a TikTok user posted a recipe to make super simple chocolate potato chip cookies. Once you've bashed up some potato chips and mini pretzels, all you need to do is roll your cookie dough into the crunchy bits. Then, simply shape the dough balls into cookies and bake them. You'll bite into a perfectly crunchy exterior and sweet center. It's the contrast that works so well. 

Or, consider making s'mores with potato chips. Bake a chip topped with a chocolate square and marshmallow for a few minutes in the oven, then add another chip on top. This is easily one of the best ways to enjoy potato chips.

12. Make a snack bowl from a bag

While you might prefer to hold your bag of potato chips close and snack on them alone, there are times when it feels right to share ... even if you don't want to. If you're at a cookout or picnic or just out and about with a packet of chips, how can you create a sharing bowl if you haven't got any equipment at hand? Where there's a simple need, there's a hack, and this one turns your chip bag into a self-standing bowl (via YouTube). 

Open a large bag of chips — sampling is allowed. With your fingertips, start to roll the bottom of the bag into itself by tucking the edges inward. You'll have room to do this as you've opened the top and the chips can move up the bag. This will create a ridge that acts as a base so you can stand the chip packet upright without it tipping over and spilling. Tuck the top edges of the bag into the packet so they're not sticking up, making it easier to grab some chips. Dig in after showing off your quick-fix potato chip bucket bag.

13. Get Pringles out of a can more easily

"Once you pop you can't stop" is the familiar Pringles slogan. However, if you've ever had your hand get stuck in the long cans, you'll know that the packaging design can put a temporary stop to your popping. Pringles were designed as an alternative to potato chips that wouldn't go stale as quickly, leave your fingers greasy after eating, or break and crumble easily. In truth, Pringles aren't actually potato chips; they're called crisps because they're made from dehydrated processed potatoes.

Since they're all about convenience, you might want to add on a Wonder How To hack that makes eating these easy-to-eat snacks even simpler. Before you tip back your Pringles can to get the last crisps out (along with broken pieces and crumbs that fall all over the floor), grab yourself an A4-sized piece of paper. Fold it in half lengthways, pressing down where the crease is. Curve the paper and lower it into a Pringles can, down one side. You can now slide the paper out and hopefully reveal a neat stack of potato crisps, with no mess. When you're done, just slide the paper and any remaining snacks right back into the tube until hunger strikes again. 

14. Put potato chips on a sandwich

When sassy Liz Lemon suggests putting potato chips on a sandwich on the hit show "30 Rock," she was bringing a whole new way of eating crispy chips to a wider audience (via YouTube). If you've never thought of adding them as a crunchy filler between two slices of bread, then you're about to have your mind blown. As simple as this sounds, it's tastier than you can imagine. 

What's so satisfying about chips and bread is that the potato snacks add texture and salty seasoning. Although the most versatile option is plain salted chips, it really comes down to preference. Get creative by adding different chip flavors to enhance your sandwich. You may want a thick Kettle chip or perhaps a thinner one that's going to be less of a substantial part of your sandwich, breaking up into crispy bits instead. Try it on your favorite sandwich, including a Reuben, tuna salad, or ham and cheese. Just imagine the possibilities. You could even try a sandwich with no other filings, just chips and bread ... now there's a thought.