The Tavern Style Pizza Aldi Customers Are Saying Is Drowning In Cheese

Although you can easily pick up a frozen pizza or order from a chain, there's no denying that pizza often tastes better when you buy a pie from a local restaurant. New Yorkers may have favorite pizza places in the city they'll passionately defend, and if you head over to Chicago for a visit, you might rush to get your hands on some deep dish. But despite its popularity for tourists, deep dish isn't the go-to pizza for most Chicagoans.

An article from Chicago Magazine explains that pizza wasn't as common in Chicago as New York, and pizza was often served in taverns as an accompaniment to alcohol. This type of pizza, known as tavern-style, has a thin and crunchy crust, and slices are cut into squares rather than triangles. And tavern-style pizza is what Chicagoans typically order when they want to enjoy a regional style.

According to Eater Chicago, tavern style pizza gets its thin crust from a rolled dough and long bake time, and it's actually been around longer than deep dish. Another distinguishing feature of tavern style pizza is a thick layer of cheese rather than sauce, as explained by Eater. If you want to try this type of pizza without making the trek to Chicago, you can find frozen tavern style pizza at Aldi. And based on a Reddit thread, the cheese really does take center stage in the dish.

Aldi customers are divided over whether there's such as thing as too much cheese

In t post on the Aldi subreddit, a user shared a photo of Mama Cozzi's Tavern Style Extra Loaded Supreme Pizza and said that it was "more like drowned in cheese." Despite this, the original poster elaborated in the comments said that they'd buy the pizza again but simply remove some of the cheese next time. Another person who tried the extra cheese version agreed with this assessment saying, "I had to eat it slowly or I'd literally choke on the cheese."

On the flip side, some people were shocked at the idea of too much cheese. One person responded, "Being from Wisconsin, I cannot understand the "too much cheese" concept in your review. Therefore I am going to Aldi & find one." Someone suggested that the dislike for this pizza comes from not knowing what to expect from tavern style pizza, so as long as you're prepared for a pile of cheese and a thin crust, you'll likely enjoy this pizza from Aldi. The blog Aldi Reviewer gave this pizza a stamp of approval and would purchase it again.

But if a super cheesy tavern style pizza isn't for you, you're not alone. In a poll, half of Americans picked giant New York slices as their favorite type of pizza, and another survey revealed that only one in five people prefer square-cut pizza. This just means more pizza for tavern style lovers!