Martha Stewart Orders Her Own Cakes From Goldbelly To Celebrate Employees

Martha Stewart is the queen of all things parties. She knows how to set the perfect table complete with flower arrangements, cook the most delicious meal, and serve up some delicious cocktails. More impressive than that is that she's 81 years young and showing no signs of stopping. Stewart's eponymous website showcases all of her tips for cooking, cleaning, gardening, entertaining, and more. Her repertoire is impressive, but one area that stands out is her dessert recipes. One quick look at her Instagram and you'll see photos of her lemon meringue pie and classic Christmas cookies. While she's great at everything she does, her standout desserts are her cakes.

One of her beloved cakes is her chocolate sprinkle sheet cake. Her tips for ensuring a light and fluffy cake include subbing some flour for cocoa powder and adding in a bit of sour cream. When the whole cake is covered in a buttercream frosting and chocolate sprinkles, it's the perfect birthday surprise or after-dinner treat. Stewart publishes her detailed recipes with instructions, but sometimes you just want to reap the benefit without the work. Luckily, Stewart's cakes can be shipped nationwide, directly to your home, via her partnership with Goldbelly. With all her talent, it may come as a surprise that even the queen of entertaining orders in for some celebrations.

Have your cake and eat it too

On her Instagram account, Martha Stewart shared a post celebrating two of her employees' birthdays. While some people may get a joint card to read at the water cooler, Stewart seems to go above and beyond for her employees. Her driver and stable worker were both treated to her signature Strawberry Ombre and Chocolate & Vanilla Zebra cake. Stewart ordered her own cakes from Goldbelly, with a ringing endorsement calling the cakes "so delicious." Both cakes are available for purchase on Goldbelly's website, with each cake selling for $99.95. Each cake feeds 12-15 people, the perfect amount for a birthday or celebratory gathering.

If a piece of cake isn't your cup of tea, Stewart has a slew of other dessert options for every kind of event. Pastry fans can score croissants, Danishes, and even Kouign Amann for the ultimate brunch platter. For cookie lovers, Stewart offers an array of giant cookies in flavors like chocolate chip and chocolate gingerbread. If you prefer to bake at home, Martha Stewart shared her family cookie recipe that is loved by her daughter and fans alike.