Domino's Discontinued Its Apple Oven Dip And You Probably Didn't Notice

While you might have a go-to pizza order when you get delivery, pizza chains are rolling out new menu items more often than you might think, and these items go beyond new pizzas. For example, Domino's recently introduced loaded tots that are smothered in cheese. But on the flip side, menu items can disappear just as quickly.

In 2021, Domino's rolled out three gooey oven-baked dips to go with the chain's bread twists. Two of the dips are cheese-based, and the final dip was an apple dip meant to pair with the cinnamon bread twists. But without much fuss, Domino's took off the apple dip from the menu during the summer of 2022, according to Brand Eating. On Domino's national menu, the five-cheese and cheesy marinara dips are still available for purchase, and customers can add cinnamon bread twists to their order — just without the apple dip.

When all three dips were first available, The Takeout reviewed them and described the apple oven dip as "​​sturdy goo in which the apple chunks are suspended." Although The Takeout called this the best dip, none of the dips were all that impressive, and this seems to be a common opinion.

The discontinued apple dip just wasn't a hit menu item

Although the news about Domino's discontinuing the apple oven dip wasn't shared widely, some people picked up on it and were disappointed. One fan posted their reaction on Reddit with a GIF reading, "You took everything from me." But Domino's employees in the comments said they rarely sold the dessert dip and even had to throw it out on many occasions.

Another post about Domino's apple oven dip in the fast food subreddit, made while it was still available for purchase, shows that most commenters were never super excited about it. One person called the apple version "too sweet," and another customer who tried all three dips with bread twists wrote, "The biggest problem is that their bread twists are so covered in butter and grease that dipping them into more rich ingredients is way overkill." While that customer did say they liked the apple dip the best, they said it tasted "tinny" and similar to a store-bought apple pie filling. 

Even if you do love apples, it doesn't sound like you missed out on much from this Domino's dip. Plus, you could easily recreate it yourself by cooking apples with cinnamon or buying pie filling — then tucking it into an air fryer apple pie recipe that comes together in just 20 minutes.