The Powder TikTok Uses To Give Raising Cane's Copycat Chicken Tenders Extra Flavor

We can thank TikTok for giving us insight into some of our beloved restaurants and fast food chains. While some people post secret menu items, others post hacks to make copycat versions of some of your favorite comfort food. One fast food restaurant that gets a ton of love online is the fried chicken chain Raising Cane's. Fans of the restaurant lost their minds when they saw Snoop Dogg working the drive-up window. Those who dine there frequently know that the menu isn't extensive and repeating the same order over and over again can get a bit boring.

One TikTok user revealed a Raising Cane's secret menu item that appeals to those on the keto diet or simply watching their daily carb intake. Another TikTok video let customers in on lesser-known menu items like its house-made honey mustard and a soda cup's worth of Cane sauce. For those who don't just want Cane sauce, the chain keeps packages of Louisiana hot sauce and mayo on hand. If you don't live near a Raising Cane's or are simply craving a homemade version, one fan shared his secret for making the tenders taste even better.

Enhance your chicken flavor with more chicken

A TikTok userĀ uploaded a video showing his version of Raising Cane's chicken tenders. He takes tenders and then marinates them in a wet brine for at least 6 hours, but preferably overnight. Included in the water, sugar, and salt mix are seasonings like chili powder, garlic powder, and of course, MSG. While his seasoned flour mix is fairly similar to other copycat recipes, there is one major difference. To his seasoned flour, he adds in a consomme chicken soup seasoning mix for an extra boost of flavor. Chicken consomme powder can be used as a base to make soup or used on its own to add additional flavor and body to meat and vegetables. The chicken is then breaded and fried to a golden crisp, just like at the chain. After one bite, he claims the chicken is "'way better" than Cane's chicken.

People were quick to comment on the homemade chicken, with one user writing, "okay I tried this it tastes amazing this is probably the best chicken I have ever made." Another wrote, "This chicken was incredible!!!!" Even with an upgraded chicken recipe, the chicken was not complete without being dipped in Cane's sauce. If you're going to make the chicken at home, make sure to whip up a batch of copycat Raising Cane's sauce for the full Raising Cane's experience.